Sunday, 29 July 2012

DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY-Describe the scene at the shopping complex,Wan Munirah of Tuisyen Dinamis,Kubang Krian

                  In every large town now there are numerous shopping complexes to cater for ever increasing population. These complexes contain varieties of shops and you just  name them.They sell shoes,sports goods, clothes, computers, videos and audios equipment, furniture, musical instruments,camera and films,food,drinks and other things.

             Back home in my hometown,there is one shopping complex that is often frequented by many ever increasing shoppers.I would say that it is the most popular and very modern and stylish.The moment i entered the shopping complex via its large entrance i virtually stepped into a different world from the street outside .The aircond is at full swing and the air is very much cooler in the complex.No wonder i see many youngsters  loitering,chit-hatting,laughing and some enjoying the fast –food at the restaurants like Kentucky,Macdonalds and Kenny Rogers.There are families with children seemingly queing up for the famous Char-kuey teow at the food court nearby.The aroma of the dish are pulling more crowd and few are already seen booking the tables.It is such a joyous moment to see many shoppers getting themselves hooked to the latest videos,songs and movies at the other end of the corner.There are armed guards in uniform stationed near a couple of goldmiths shop.Two of these guards looked old and feeble. They must be retired army or police personel.In the event of a robbery, i doubt they would be of any use  judging by the bored look on their faces.The shops might just as well have no guards at all.Some shoppers are also crowding the computer shop at the ground floor on the other end which is having its first year anniversary.So,they call it “Shop till you drop” on many latest gadgets like the i-phones,i-pad,mobile hard disk,laptops,speakers and many more.A few metres away, behind the receptionists counter, a pretty girl seems to be making an announcement.I see that a child is crying and pampered by another receptionist.I guessed it must be an announcement about a lost child.

                   There is also a supermarket at the lower ground floor.I  can see that it is just like any supermarket,shelves after shelves are stocked with cans, packets, bottles and tins of common items like milk, beverages, sweets etc.The salesgirls seem very busy rearranging them. I walk towards the evelator that is going up. Then I see many video arcades . I can see fingers of youngsters inside hunched into the holes feverishly working their fingers trying to beat the electronic machines. I used to be just as crazy as they but i have got ever the madness. The machines are addictive and addicts unrealisingly spend large amount of money feeding the machines.

                     I stop by at a music shop to have a look at the guitars sale. They are too expensive for me .Next stop is at  my friend’s sports shop. I chat with him about the coming Thomas Cup Battle.He believed Malaysia will never beat China.Then he laments about the lack of customers in his shop up here on the second floor .He says he will move down if  he can find a place.Finally,I leave my friend's shop and descend straight down to the ground floor. I notice the great difference in the number of shoppers compared to the higher floors.I guess the management must plan some activities at the second and third floor to lure the shoppers.Anyway I am ready to go outside the shopping complex now and feel the scorching sun again .


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