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Parents were born to be with kids. But what happen when they disobey this responsibility ? Yes, without guidance and love from parents,the children’s life would be lifeless.. Now everyone has to admit that being parents is not as easy as ABC, it is about paying your full attention to the children as if they are gifts for you to take a good care of them  until your last breathe. See, the impact of being neglected by the parents has bring many bad effects and no doubt that our country is reaching the highest statistic of social problems among youth. What has make up this things ? It is all from parents.
Living in the era of globalization , yet have shown us that people are too busy working and chasing after money , money and money without knowing that a fool and his money are soon parted. Pathetic. Children here and there being neglected at home for these parents working for long hours and have no time for children. There is no hesitation of exhaustion feel by the parents which will make them too tired to interact with children. These children who feel very neglected will lead to many social problems or delinquency as i said earlier. The worst part is when the children start to mix with bad company and bring them to low moral .
Seriously , I could not believe my eyes if these are what parents want to see . Can they accept the changes from their children ? Are the children or the parents who have to change first ? So, don’t let the damage been done. Here are some pieces of advice from me.
Parents should spend quality time with children as good man says that the best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day. Parents also must show their love,care,affection and concern. Actually this is the utmost important thing as without love from parents,children will easily mix with bad people and lead them to always being pleasure-seeking with other youth . Thus, the children will happen to get less fondness from their parents. Other things that parents can do tighten their relationship with children by planning meaningful activities to do together.Alternatively  parents can go travel to some sightseeing places with them.Parents also must not forget to give guidance, advice and religious teaching as if there will be no more people who will care about children except parents. This is because parents are the closest people in children’s life.
As what P.J O’Rouke said that everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them. As a conclusion, let’s just hope that these ways can help us to have happier and more loving families. As I said earlier, these are the ways to have better family relationships. As proverb says that a stitch in time saves nine, parents can have less social problems among children when they have give their full affection to the children. Hence it will bring to more love and respect between parents and children. Lastly, a harmony family will bring advantages to everyone and it benefits our own country too.

Nur Sharmile Binti Nisar 
SMK Zainab (1)  



Ethan was nervous when the door opened. He thought it was that old landlord asking for rent again. He hadn’t got any money so he stopped strumming his guitar and stayed silent for a while. Fortunately it was just his friend, Jake who came bolting in. Jake was breathing quite heavily when he came in to Ethan’s living room as if he had run a mile to come to his house. He stared at Ethan with his piercing blue eyes. Ethan was sitting on a sofa with his hands on his precious guitar. Suddenly, Jake blurted out “ Is it that hard to open the front door?!...I mean come on , you just have to take like three steps to get  there”. Ethan replied promptly “ I’m busy. ” while gesturing towards his guitar. “Ermm...By the way, how dit you get here?”. He can’t help but wonder how did his friend got into his house. “Well, your backdoor was open”. said Jake casually. Ethan made a mental note to lock the backdoor. He didn’t want any intruders to come in. Jake grabbed a stool nearby and sat facing Ethan with a rather serious expression on his face. Jake put his hands together .“Did you hear about Lizzie?” asked Jake out of the blue. “She’s getting married today.” he continued.

Lizzie. The name echoed through Ethan’s head. She is getting married. Today. Everything was so surreal. Lizzie, his best friend whom he forever have a huge crush on and had lost contact for nearly four years had suddenly showed up once more.

“Owh, almost forgot...Here’s the invitation card.” said Jake, while searching his pocket. Ethan took the card with his rather trembling hands. “Lizzie asked me to give it to you a few days ago but I forgot about it.” said Jake while running his hand through his jet black hair. Jake mumbled something about running late to his workplace. Unfortunately, Ethan did not hear a word of what Jake had just said. He was engrossed in reading the glittering wedding card. The event will start in the afternoon but where? He flipped the card in his hands several times, trying to find a slight hint. He looked up and was about to ask  Jake , but he was nowhere to be seen. Ethan put the card on a coffee table nearby and stood up to check the backdoor. Sure enough, it was ajar. He locked it. On his way to the living room, he saw a glimpse of his own reflection in a large mirror down the hallway.

 He walked towards it and looked at himself. There he was, a twenty five year-old guy. Tall and gangly. He was so thin that he may topple if a gust of  wind blows by. Oh well, as long as he got his good looks nothing else would matter. Except for Lizzie. His thoughts strayed towards Lizzie once again. They practically knew each other since they were kids and throughout high school. Plus, they were neighbours so they would always hang out to their favourite ice cream parlour with Jake on weekends. The trios would sit on the same park bench and talking for hours and hours about their days were like. They all went to their separate ways after graduated from University of Minnesota. It was a sad experience.

                All of a sudden, Ethan’s eyes hurt by a ray of light. He put a hand over his eyes and looked around. His eyes fell on the card which he left on the coffee table. It reflected the sunlight which was coming from a window near it. He took the card and read it again but this time, more slowly. He stopped reading. He felt like wanting to laugh out loud on his own stupidity for not seeing it before. The place of the event was stated clearly at the bottom of the card. He looked at his wristwatch, and said “Well, it won’t hurt to visit a friend ”.

 It did not took long for him to reached Lizzie’s house. He parked his car at the driveway. As soon as he stepped out of his car, he could feel people started to give him curious looks. He felt uncomfortable and looked down. He only wore a black T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. He looked around and saw that everyone wore glittering dresses and tuxedos, looking at their best. Ethan acted cool and walked with his head held high towards the backyard. There, a huge white tent was set up. Without hesitation, he walked straight towards the entrance door.

 He took a seat in the far corner and looked around. The place was decorated with vines and white roses. After all, Lizzie is a nature-lover. He smiled while thinking of the things Lizzie told him when they were in middle school. She had once described of her dream wedding would be like and it turns out that her dream came true. He could hear footsteps coming closer and closer. Sure enough, the room was slowly filled with the invited guests. As soon as the melodious wedding song had been played,  everyone turned their heads towards the door and so did Ethan. It was as if all the air had sucked out of his lungs. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There she was, looking more beautiful than ever in her white flowing dress. She walked so serenely towards the aisle. Although she was wearing a veil which covered most of her face, he could tell that she was not smiling. Instead, she looked quite sad which puzzled him a bit. Suddenly, she raised her head and met his eyes. Time stops. Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few seconds. As soon as Lizzie stood beside the bridegroom who is several years her senior, Ethan’s mind had gone haywire. He knew that they would up saying those ‘ I dos ’. He couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. He need to get out of the place. It will be now or never.

 He stood up. He pushed his way through the many people while avoiding their stares. After he got out into the bright sun again, he heard a commotion started to issue from inside of the tent. He did not look back until he heard running footsteps coming from behind him. It was Lizzie. She looked at him with her soothing brown eyes. Tears started to flow down her puffy cheeks. She was going to say something to him. Then, the words came out of her mouth.

“I’ve been waiting for you this whole time.”

That was it. Ethan was downright happy to hear that. He felt like wanting to punch his fists into the air. Before he could do anything, people started to come out of the tent including the bridegroom. Ethan offered his hand to Lizzie. She took it straight away. Both of them ran out of the backyard as fast as their feet could carry them. In the distant, he could hear people desperately calling for them to turn around and come back. He could only managed a smile. He knew he had made the right choice to be with her.

PTD 11 ( class of sirrosdi )

Bonus question: What would you do to make this story more interesting?


One very exciting and interesting event took place in my life recently. It was the happiest day of my life. I shall never be able to forget it. It was the month of June, 1997. I had been counting days very anxiously for the day when result of our examination would be announced. At last the day came. Our fate was to be decided on this day. The High School result of the U.P Board has already been announced at Allahabad. It was expected on this day, at any moment, at Meerut.
Somehow or the other the day passed restlessly. At 8. P.M, I started with my friends for the Meerut City Stations. Though all advised me to keep patience till the next morning, yet we were bent upon seeing the paper at the earliest. There as a huge crowd of students of different institutions. Police arrangements has been made to control the excited youths. Different schools and colleges had deputed their proctors and senior members of the staff to check the students form creating hooliganism. Groups of students were standing in batches discussing their plans to get the paper at earliest opportunity.
As the time passed, our anxiety began to increase. To our dismay, we had been three trains one after another, but were disappointed every time. In the end, came the right train at 12.30 A.M. As soon as the students saw the newspapers, they ran towards it. But there were no papers for sale. They were under safe custody of the guard. No sooner did the students know this, than they surrounded the guards compartment. Had there been no police arrangement, it is certain that many would have received serious injuries due to their enthusiasm.
After a great struggle, the various agents could get their newspaper. They began to sell them like hot cakes. Some students tried to snatch the paper from them. After a lot for pushing forwards and backward, I could succeed in getting one copy for rupees ten though its price was only three rupee. My friends hurriedly looked into the paper. For a moment, it appeared to me as if the ground had slipped from under my feet. My heart began to palpitate. I was nervous, lest my Roll Number should not be there, though there was no ground for this fear.
The very next moment, I heard the voice of my friend telling me that I was the only boy from my school to have secured the first class. I wanted to see my Roll Number with my own eyes. But around us there was a huge crowd of other students. I took hold of my friend's arm and forced out my way through the crowd. We came outside, took our cycles, and started for our homes.
My father, mother, brothers and sister were all waiting anxiously. My friend showed the newspaper to my father. All were extremely happy to see my name in the first division. My joy knew no bounds. My friends refused to go home without sweets. I promised him a good party the very next morning. I could not sleep with joy the whole night.
The next morning my friends and relatives began to pour in. They all came to congratulate me. I was the hero, so to say. I had won the goal. Sweets were given to them. They were all happy.Some were discussion about my future programes or studies. Some relatives greeted me telegraphically. That was all very thrilling to me. My friends succeeded in persuading my father to allow us to see a cinema show that evening. We enjoyed the picture. Indeed, it was a day I had never enjoyed before.
Until  today, I often had that memory before me both at the  station and at home. Indeed, it was the most exciting day of my life.


DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY-Describe the scene at the shopping complex,Wan Munirah of Tuisyen Dinamis,Kubang Krian

                  In every large town now there are numerous shopping complexes to cater for ever increasing population. These complexes contain varieties of shops and you just  name them.They sell shoes,sports goods, clothes, computers, videos and audios equipment, furniture, musical instruments,camera and films,food,drinks and other things.

             Back home in my hometown,there is one shopping complex that is often frequented by many ever increasing shoppers.I would say that it is the most popular and very modern and stylish.The moment i entered the shopping complex via its large entrance i virtually stepped into a different world from the street outside .The aircond is at full swing and the air is very much cooler in the complex.No wonder i see many youngsters  loitering,chit-hatting,laughing and some enjoying the fast –food at the restaurants like Kentucky,Macdonalds and Kenny Rogers.There are families with children seemingly queing up for the famous Char-kuey teow at the food court nearby.The aroma of the dish are pulling more crowd and few are already seen booking the tables.It is such a joyous moment to see many shoppers getting themselves hooked to the latest videos,songs and movies at the other end of the corner.There are armed guards in uniform stationed near a couple of goldmiths shop.Two of these guards looked old and feeble. They must be retired army or police personel.In the event of a robbery, i doubt they would be of any use  judging by the bored look on their faces.The shops might just as well have no guards at all.Some shoppers are also crowding the computer shop at the ground floor on the other end which is having its first year anniversary.So,they call it “Shop till you drop” on many latest gadgets like the i-phones,i-pad,mobile hard disk,laptops,speakers and many more.A few metres away, behind the receptionists counter, a pretty girl seems to be making an announcement.I see that a child is crying and pampered by another receptionist.I guessed it must be an announcement about a lost child.

                   There is also a supermarket at the lower ground floor.I  can see that it is just like any supermarket,shelves after shelves are stocked with cans, packets, bottles and tins of common items like milk, beverages, sweets etc.The salesgirls seem very busy rearranging them. I walk towards the evelator that is going up. Then I see many video arcades . I can see fingers of youngsters inside hunched into the holes feverishly working their fingers trying to beat the electronic machines. I used to be just as crazy as they but i have got ever the madness. The machines are addictive and addicts unrealisingly spend large amount of money feeding the machines.

                     I stop by at a music shop to have a look at the guitars sale. They are too expensive for me .Next stop is at  my friend’s sports shop. I chat with him about the coming Thomas Cup Battle.He believed Malaysia will never beat China.Then he laments about the lack of customers in his shop up here on the second floor .He says he will move down if  he can find a place.Finally,I leave my friend's shop and descend straight down to the ground floor. I notice the great difference in the number of shoppers compared to the higher floors.I guess the management must plan some activities at the second and third floor to lure the shoppers.Anyway I am ready to go outside the shopping complex now and feel the scorching sun again .



Learning A Language

The world have changed. Everything nowadays have affected by globalization. All information are accessible border-less.  Even people mobility also went beyond our thinking. Human can communicate with each other from around the world via Facebook, Tweeter, Skype, and many more. In this scenario, a medium is extremely needed to ensure the communication can be established perfectly. The medium that has been used over the centuries by human being that we called as 'language'.

Prior to the globalization and important of language in human history, we are extremely encouraged to learn a language that we consider as third language because in Malaysia commonly Malay and English are the first and second language which have been used widely by all Malaysian regardless of age, race and religion.

Thus, I would like to emphasize some tips on how to learn a language. Nowadays, many languages can be learned such as Mandarin, Cantonese,Japanese, Italian, French, Germany, and many more. Hence, the first step you must take is to plan and choose which language that you would like to learn. The factors that you may take into consideration are the importance of learning the language and methods to learn it.

Once you have decided which language that you would like to learn, you have to evaluate the importance of learning. Is that worth to learn? Because not all language are importance due to its limit to use in our culture. Not to narrow down your choice but everything what we learn we should have objective and mission. For example, if we choose Japanese language to be learned, usually we aim to expand our study to Japan or even to watch Japan drama.

When the importance of the language is identified, we have to evaluate all the available methods to learn a language. As per latest practices, we can opt to prefer by having a teacher to guide us, or self-study, watching television programme, reading book, regular listening learning, or even living in a country of targeted language, or learning via tutorial software, or befriend with people who speak the language that we desire to learn.

To chose the method to pay a teacher to guide us to learn a language is a good decision. This is because the method is direct and two-way learning style. Usually this kind of method involve a student will be given a so called 'grammar book' to exposed the student to the art of the language such as on how to use the word, the tone and many more. In addition, the student will be familiar with speaking practice with the teacher. Slowly the student will be guided by teacher on how to speak step by step.

Other than that, we might also chose the method of self-study. Certain people could learn fast by studying him/her self by reading books. At the book store there is a lot of book for learning language. Those book are not so expensive and are affordable to obtain it. However, there is disadvantage of this method which is we cannot learn on how to pronounce word properly.

Learning via watching television is also interesting and attractive and could be consider as fast way to learn a language. By doing so, we might observe and listen the way the actors pronounce words and at the same time we could absorb the meaning of each words from the subtitle provided. This method exposes us to regular listening and from time to time we would make our ears familiar with the words of language.

Another way of learning a language is to live in a country of targeted language. This is also consider as one of fast method to learning. Can you imagine how to live in a country such as Brazil where English is so rare to be spoken and Latin is the main language of the country if we are not capable to learn it within a week? By hook or by crook, that language must be mastered in a few days or we might face many difficulties to live the country.

Other than that, learn a language via tutorial software is also one of alternative. There are many free software available in the Internet that can be downloaded and installed. Furthermore, being friend with the people who speak of targeted language is also one of method to learn. We may ask him or her to guide us on how to speak a few sentences and from that we will grow slowly better in speaking the language.