Thursday, 28 June 2012


You are assigned to present a speech in your class entitled, “READING WIDENS OUR KNOWLEDGE”.Prepare your speech in not less than 350words.Make your speech as interesting as possible.
                                READING WIDENS OUR KNOWLEDGE.
A very good morning to my class teacher,Puan Azah Shawati,my English teacher,Sir Rosdi Hanafiah and all my colleagues.Indeed I am very happy to talk on a very interesting topic this morning, “READING WIDENS OUR KNOWLEDGE”.

Reading is something that you enjoy doing it.Nobody in this world will force you to read.It is your own decision.If you think you want to go for self improvement then reading helps you.You upgrade your knowledge and you upgrade yourself in many ways comparable to those who do not read.We as students spend a lot of our time on reading.Why are we doing this?What benefits do we get?Why must we spend so much time on reading?

Reading is bridging a knowledge and to get the knowledge is when you read more.Those who read more,his knowledge is abundant.He is respected and honoured.Those who read less,his knowledge is limited.He is out of place and will be left behind in all aspects of life.One good example is to look at your teacher.Most of them will refer to reading materials before they enter the class.This helps them to teach more effectively.We as students will certainly gain. This whole process make us wanting to earn more knowledge.Now what else do we gain through reading?Let me tell you from my
own experiences.I have read hundreds of story books both in Bahasa Melayu and English.I learn many new words everytime when I read new book.I widen my vocabulary.I am able to construct sentences particularly in English.If I do not understand I shall ask my English  teacher to assist me.So when my teacher give me assignment to do essay in English,I have no difficulty at all.I am able to express what I want to write in my essay.Thus this is the benefit when you do a lot of reading.

Another advantage that I have  when I do a lot of reading is my level of comprehension is better.I should be able to answer the questions on comprehension within minutes.I do not have to read maybe three,four or five times in order to answer the questions.This saves  me a lot of time.I would score high marks on comprehension and at the same time I enjoy reading the passages.

I love to share my final point why I say reading helps to widen the knowledge.You see most of us today are not so keen on reading.They do not want to read whether newspapers, magazines or bulletin.So they miss lot of information and news.Moreover they are not aware of things happening around them or even right in front of their eyes.Most of them like to do other unimportant things like playing video games,chit chatting on the internet and loitering in the shopping complexes.So I shall say more READING will give you the edge over your friends.You are able to share and quote people’s experiences and you are able to know what are the current events happening locally and internationally.
So dear colleagues,please take this advantage.If you have all the time in the world-START READING AND READ THE SELECTED GOOD MATERIALS –THE KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU GAIN IS SO VALUABLE THAT NO MONEY CAN BUY.

Thank you.

Wan Habsah bte Wan Mohammad
Tuisyen Dinamis,Kubang Kerian.

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