Saturday, 23 June 2012


When the word “stress” is mention,most of us the fifth formers will say, “Stress is something serious that we  must avoid at all times”.Being stressful  is so easy but getting it out from our  soul and mind may take some systematic steps..Therefore to all of you my colleagues in form 5,wherever possible ,do away with stress because we have long way to go.Facing SPM examination is definitely a  stressful  experience  but we need not be so worried until it has to endanger our life and our future.As I mentioned  earlier,we have many more beautiful years ahead of us therefore  avoid being stressful and try relaxing our  mind to  the maximum.

Frstly plan our daily schedules and adhere to  them as strictly as possible.We may bend certain rules if circumstances do not allow us to do so..For example,we may plan to go for light exercise walking and jogging but has to cancel it due to bad weather or we plan to play indoor games such as badminton or ping-pong but has to cancel it last minute due to unforeseen or technical matters.It is good if we can regularly fulfil our daily routine of light exercises such as continous walking and jogging at a recreation park.Certainly the routine keeps us healthy,fresh and alert.

Building up hobbies such as gardening,listening music or probably stamp and coins collecting would certainly keep us awake and reduce our stress.As long as we have something to do during our free time,that keeps us occupied and we tend to leave the tensions behind automatically.This add to our already cheerful and colourful lives.

Next we can build up our study group and assemble either at school or residence by taking turn.This is a good practice as record prove that  most successful students are those who conduct study group and they are serious and thorough in their discussions.Most of them will have different styles and techniques of study skills and when put together under one study group,they are working and effective.
Some students who still lack of motivation and guidance may proceed to speak to their elders of which may include parents and teachers.These references would certainly help and build up their internal strength and mental preparations.

It is also good to have some special prayers and recite quran regularly to seek to the Almighty’guidance and assistance to get away with this stressful feelings.Pray and ask for the extra strength to go through this challenging life.You can see the change in you.At the same time get enough rest,enough sleep and ofcourse eat balanced diet so that you are always in good condition.

Finally,have faith in yourself –nobody can change you,it’s you yourself who determine your direction.If you fail to recognize yourself and refuse to work for the better,then you will be what you are now with no progress coming along your way.

So,my colleagues I do hope the above tips may give you some lights as I strongly believe whatever that we do –there must be a limit to it-so do not overstress yourselves. unnecessarily.