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CW-SYAFIQ ROSMAN MAAHAD MUHAMMADI K/BHARU-Write an essay begining with: It was the first time I saw her and

Continous writing: Write an essay begining with: It was the first time I saw her and...................

It was the first time I saw her and I decided to go near her. Her face was very gloomy. I felt very sorry for her. "There must be something wrong" I said to myself. When I was in front of her, I could see that her eyes were brimming with tears. I was touched to see her. I greeted her with a smile and then I quickly sit beside her. She glanced at me with a force smile and I knew she was not in her usual mood.  I kept quiet for a while and took a deep breathe.“What actually happen?”I asked reluctantly although I knew she would not be interested to answer me.Then she started again.I could hear her sobbings.It was very unpleasant to see a woman's crying but I could not do anything as I was not as good as a mother in calming people. I waited for a while until she turned calm.

 Then she started to talk in a very soft tone. “You know what Syafiq,I have lost my dearest cousin,Hanim,she has not returned home almost 5 days and till now there is no news yet”.How did this pretty lass know my name.I am baffled.“You must be Aliya,aren’t you,the girl I  spoke on phone two days ago regarding a missing cousin”.I  recalled vividly and now I know the girl I admire through my facebook contact is sitting right beside me.She just nodded her head.
 As I further recalled,I knew Aliya came from a well to do family and Hanim is indeed a problematic girl.She has too many boyfriends and like to loitre at shopping complexes and snooker centres.Hanim is only the only girl in the family.Her father has passed away due to breathing complications years ago.Her mum is working and putting very little attention to her only daughter.Infact Hanim spent her time mostly with Aliya’s family.I knew both Aliya and Hanim were indeed beautiful and attractive.Both of them are still the undergraduates at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan,(UMK).They were pursuing on the same degree and need another semester to finish up.Soon Aliya’s celullar phone ringing, “What?I dont get you,Hanim.What happened actually”.Aliya looked very disturbed and the line was cut off from a public telephone.Then she stood up and walked away few metres from me and started calling somebody.I would made a rough guess.It could be her mum.
“Syafiq,I am sorry,this is too personal,Hanim is in big trouble.All I could say is that Hanim is now at LPC(Ladies protection centre)at Gombak.She is now 5 months pregnant”.
I was speechless although I could guess Hanim would be in that situation knowing her wild characters. 
That night,Aliya messaged me and told she would be in LPC the next morning with her mum.She told me that she would explain the whole mess when she come back from LPC then.    

I waited for couple of days but there were no news on Aliya’s returning home to Kota Bharu.I was totally speechless and dumbfounded when I saw on the frontpage of a leading newspaper.It was Aliya’s picture.“My god.How could this thing happen to me” My eyes were brimming with tears.Aliya’s is dead now.The journey to Gombak on a Mutiara luxury bus was her last.I cried so loud that shocked my mum.Aliya was so sweet and nice and she is very much better than Hanim.I told my mum that I wanted to be at Aliya’s home tonight.Her body would be flown to Kota Bharu via a mercy TUDM flight.
I knew this is just a short and simple dream.Meeting Aliya within such a short time is my sweetest moment.But somebody must pass this disturbing news to Hanim.Hanim’s mother would not be bothered anymore.I think I want to break this news to Hanim then.But then who am I?

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