Thursday, 28 June 2012


Some guys in high school are “all that”. They have everything going for them ; they hang out with the right people, they got the looks and they are so popular that they have half the girl population in school drooling over them. Plus, they are unreachable. In so many words, that is how I would categorize  Jason. He was a cool guy and I loved everything about him especially with those big brown eyes of his. To me, he was perfect. I had a huge crush on him the first time i saw him. But of course, that was all he could be to me. A crush. I would always be this ordinary girl who hung out with my friends, pretending not to care about anything else but secretly glancing in his direction every now and then. He had always been the person who everyone would looked up to and respected. Compared to him, i felt like i was insignificant.
My best friend, Anne would never fail to remind me that we were not meant to be. In fact, she told me that if people knew I had a crush on him, they would probably laugh their brains off. It was as if i was this commoner who had a huge crush on my king.
Although we were never formally introduced, somehow our paths crossed. He talked to me one day when we were both late for class. He said hi to me and asked me of why i was late. Naturally, i pretended to be unaffected and answered him right back. After that, i headed to class. I was happy. He recognized me as a living, breathing object that went to the same school. If I were a gymnast, I would have done several back flips to release this flying-feeling in me. Honestly, it felt as if someone had poured a glass of cold water in my head when he spoke to me.
                After that incident, we casually chatted when we see each other during recess. Nothing personal, just some small talk that would last a minute or two.
                One day, Anne ’s cousin from abroad came to visit her. She would be staying at Anne ’s house for a week. Her name was Hanna. We were introduced, and I liked her immediately. She was nice, funny, down to earth and a model back home. She had the most beautiful eyes, and well, I just had eyes. There was nothing to hate about her. Anne and I both loved hanging out with her that we decided to ask her to join us in school one time. Unknowingly, I initiated my own suffering.
                 When we went to school the next day, everybody turned their heads towards Hanna. She had those foreign looks and well, she was a model. Everything was going well until she saw Jason. Guess what? She decided that she has a crush on him. Worse, she wanted to date him. She asked me to introduced them. I felt I had no other choice. I introduced them and told Jason that she wanted to go out with him. To my disgust, he willingly agreed. I could have strangled myself or even better, I could have strangled him.
                The next day, rumors about their relationship spread very fast at school. I could not believe that they could fall for each other in just one day, It’s just impossible. I can still feel the stabbing pain in me. It was totally unfair that my crush become hers.
                The day Hanna was leaving to go back home, Anne decided to stay at home and spend some time with her while I went to school. At the end of the day, Jason approached me and asked if I could take him over to see Hanna before she left. After some persuasion, I finally gave in. Unfortunately, he would not be seeing my rival without a cost. I got in his car and gave directions to Anne ’s house, making sure he took the longest way possible to get there. When we were nearing Anne 's house, I pretended to be lost and I led him around in circles until the car almost ran out of gas.
                After talking and hugging and saying goodbye to Hanna, it was time to leave. Although I liked her a lot, I was secretly glad to see her go. Jason offered to take me home, and this time I gave him better directions. What a lame way to get even.
                After Hanna left, Jason and I got even closer. We would hang out sometimes with Anne and share more than just small talk. He would even join us for lunch. I now know why he was so popular. He was incredibly nice and fun to be with. Sometimes, I felt like letting him know how i felt about him but was too afraid of what his reactions might be. Therefore, I kept my mouth shut and just wait.
                On Thursday, while I was busy doing an experiment with Anne in the laboratory, my teacher asked me to hand over yesterday’s homework. I told her that I left it on my desk in my classroom. So, I dash out of the class and ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I turned a corner and entered my classroom. There was nobody there of course but something had caught my eyes. A bright blue letter was perched neatly on top of my pile of books. I moved closer to my desk and took it with my rather trembling hands. My name was written on it. It was from Jason. My heart was pounding as I read it. I found out that he liked me even before he met Hanna. He also wrote that he never had the courage to let me know, because he would never thought I would like him, especially after he met Hanna. I was overwhelmed. After all these times, he liked me. Is it a dream or reality?


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