Sunday, 10 June 2012


From: Wan Malia <>
To: Sir PT Dinamis <>
Sent: Tuesday, 22 May 2012, 21:01
Subject: Describe your family member that you adore and love.

Halimah is now 55 years old. But still with her age that has passed five decades, she is still working as a teacher. Driving that old car to school, five days a week, has become part and parcel of her life. That very dedicated teacher and also a lovely mother is a perfect woman in all aspects. That inspirable superwoman is of course my beloved mother, the queen of my heart forever and ever.

Born in a poor family, her father was a teacher while her mother was a fulltime housewife. As the eldest in the family of nine, she took the responsibility to help the family to earn some money. She reared ducks and chickens and sold the eggs to villagers. Sometimes she would help people around and get paid. She walked to school. If it was a rainy day, she put her worn shoes and second hand books inside the plastic bags and then walked to school.

Praise be to God, with the scholarship’s money, Halimah could further her studies in Universiti Malaya. Her success became the talk of the town. It was proven, no pain, no gain. Every semester, she would send some of the scholarship’s money back  to her  hometown to support the family’s necessities. Pity  her, when she graduated, her parents could not come to watch that unforgetable moments. However, she truly understood her family’s situation and their problems and did not take it to heart.

Upon getting her first salary, she immediately bought the refrigerator and washing machine to grandmother. She never missed to to send money for the family’s expenses. She got married two years later. Undeniably, looking after her six children was not an easy task plus  her challenging  career added to the regular  household  chores, make her as busy as a bee. But really she was a superwoman, she managed to handle all works on time without fail. She believed, procrastination is the thief of time.

Different in school, Halimah is a strict but adorable teacher. She was given the trust as a disciplinary  teacher. But still, the students regarded  her as a mother. They  often refered to her if they have any problem. Her understandable charisma  towards teenagers make them very pleased with her attitudes.

Now, Halimah can be happy with her life, as her sacrifices are  worth mentioned. Two of her sons are working as engineers and one as a surveyor. Her only daughter decided to follow her footsteps being a teacher. Well, another two are still studying in medical course. Apart from that, all her siblings also could further their studies till university level and already married. Although my grandfather had passed away, I am sure, he was proud of my mother and thank to God for bestowing  a pious daughter like Halimah.

            So on this special May, it was a pleasure for me to grab this golden opportunity, to wish her Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Teacher’s Day. Thank you so much for being the angel of the family.


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