Sunday, 27 May 2012


DIRECTED WRITING: 35 marks -45 minutes
   Nowadays, many tragic accidents happen everywhere and this situation is alarming. Rate of accidents keep on increasing from day to day not just in the cities but also in rural areas. All of these accidents have made many people lost their families and loved ones. It is very pitiful when we get news about accidents which happen everyday from newspapers. This shows that many people suffer when accidents happen to their family or relatives.
   The major cause of accident is speeding of vehicles. Many reckless and inconsiderate drivers like to drive at high speed especially those who are driving heavy vehicles like lorries and express buses. Some of the drivers are very selfish and do not care about others. They just speed up while driving because in a hurry to go work or other places. They do not realize that their action might harm others especially when they overtake cars. If a driver is speeding and overtaking recklessly,it is highly risk that the vehicle may  skid and caused accident.They will ram  other cars from the opposite direction. There are also irresponsible drivers who drive at high speed and hit the red traffic light. There is a strong possibility that they will collide with other vehicles and may caused death.
   Most of accidents also happen  due to the driver’s fault. Some drivers are not in good condition when driving. For example they are sleepy, tired or drunk while driving. Usually, the bus driver or lorry driver are sleepy and tired after driving for a long hours  causing them  to lost focus. Drivers who take alcohol and then got drunk along the journey also fail to drive carefully as they are not in stable condition. This may lead to tragic accidents.
   Apart from that, vehicles which are not serviced for a long time may not be in the best condition to drive. A car which is not serviced may have problems like the brakes and clutches which cannot work efficiently and may cause accident. The bad condition of road such as slippery when raining, muddy or have many potholes also can harm drivers and motorcyclist. It is very pitiful to see motorcyclist fall on the road when there are many potholes on road.
   I think there are many ways that all of us can take to overcome accidents and lower the rate of accidents. Firstly, all drivers and motorcyclist must change their attitudes. They should follow all the traffic rules and speed limit. They should never speeding and accelerate further at  traffic light when the light turns red. They should give signal when they want to turn at the junction so that other drivers know where they are heading. If the drivers follow speed limit and not speeding, their journey and others will be more safe.
   Next,the cars and vehicles must be serviced regularly to maintain their best condition. Failure to service the car may cause many technical problems and can injure the driver. The Works department(JKR) also must do maintenance of roads and repair damage on roads immediately before more drivers become victims. Then, enforcement of traffic rules must be tighten.Officers from Road Ttransport Department and Police Traffic should always patrol and take action on any person who break the traffic rules. Fines should give them lesson so that they would not do the same fault.
   I can conclude that majority of the accident cases begin from the drivers themselves. I think from now on, drivers should be more responsible and careful while driving vehicles. All people must take heed of ways to overcome accidents. I hope the rate of accidents will decrease as it is so sad to see many tears flowing especially losing their loved ones when accidents happen.

Tg. Nur Amirah Tg. Shahrizanny,
Form 4 Cemerlang.
Maktab Rendah Sains MARA-Kuantan.