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DW -Nik Aisyah Amalien bt Nik Mohd Asri SMKA Naim Lilbanat.. HOW TO BE A SMART CONSUMER AND SAVE YOUR MONEY

How to be a smart consumer and save your money
Are you a smart consumer? If the answer is no, let’s turn over  to a new leaf. In this borderless world, being a smart consumer is like chocolate chips in our cookies of life. Thus, it is essential for us to spend wisely and save our budget. There are abundant of consumers nowadays love to spend a lot of money on products that do  not suffice their budget as well as they are unnecessary. We heard this too many times already. However, how many of us really think deeply and wonder if everything we  buy is worth our money? We admit that shopping is fun but sometimes  reality really stuck us hard. Question such as do I really need it, is the price right or even such low prices may just make us wonder why it is so! Besides, it is weighty to be a smart consumer as the number of traders, who are trying to cheat us are increasing from day to day. By the way, there are  countless ways to be such a smart consumer in order to avoid from being their victims particularly  from the profit hungry traders.
First and foremost, do you remember those times that you buy items that have a huge discount without even thinking if you need them? To be frank, it is believed that everyone had gone to such situation  before. However, we have to keep in mind that in order to save money and be a smart consumer, try to keep to buying necessity items only. Buying too much or things that we do not need is not saving money. Try making a list of items you plan to buy in advance before going for shopping. With this method, you will able to buy everything you need and reduce on buying things you do not need.
Apart from that, this is very influential step especially when you are buying clothes. Don’t get fully attracted to the huge discount tags but try paying a little attention to the quality. Somebody used to buy clothes during those insane sales happening in town. They wouldn’t bother those small dots or stains on the clothes as they thought that they will go off after washed. The sad fact is that they didn’t and they were mad at themselves. The moral of the story is, don’t get fooled by those discount tags and always check the quality. It is better spending like a couple of minutes checking the quality rather than going back and regret on it. As the Chinese saying goes, a smart action lead  us to a smart lifestyle.

Like a case that was experienced by a lady, she tends to go shopping weekly at the local supermarket or wholesalers. One of the items she must buy is milk. There are always those promotional  tags saying certain milk products are on discount. One day, it really surprised her that the expiry date was  just few days ahead! Yes, the sellers are clearly manipulating using business tactics but are they wrong? No! I am not pointing that the consumers are wrong either. We have to be careful when it comes to such things. For example, dairy products can’t be kept long. Therefore, always check the expiry date regardless of how cheap the items are. The same goes over when buying canned foods and drinks. Avoid buying canned  products which are dented as they will become slightly poisonous. Ensure the cans are in good shape before buying to ensure you get the best product.
It is substantial for us to compare prices of those wholesalers. You can go to different places to shop. Every time you go to a new place, you need try to compare the prices. As the Australian saying goes, small amount of money you save can lead to a bigger saving. Always remember that discount  tags outside are just business tactics. If you can get the same items for less, isn’t that a much bigger saving? The price might be cheap but we must be able to think and consider if it is worth it.
Do you see those sales promoters trying to promote something? It is a norm that they will tell you that particular product is good, energy saving or even cheaper. Try asking a few more questions before buying it. Check if it is really a good choice or so. Indeed, simply by asking, we are getting more information and we might even be able to consider if the product is worth for our money.
Last but not least, membership for local stores and even frequent visitor card is good as it is an excellent choice to save up more money. One of the best examples I personally encountered was last month where I was shopping for the accessory products. The price was already discounted and when I was at  the payment counter, I was shocked and surprised as the cashier told me if I am a member, I will get another discount of  20 percent! The moral of the story is simple and straight forward. We are able to save up tons of money and even shop smarter if we know how to utilize the membership card and benefits. At the same time, membership cards will enable you to collect points and eventually, we are able to redeem items and cash vouchers when we shop.

In a nutshell, there is innumerable way for us to be a smart consumer. We need to be together working closely  arm in arm  and advising each other for being concerned and  smart consumers. As the Malay saying goes, many hands make work better.  Do not worry as it is assuring  you these are simple  steps and it will not take you more than one or two minutes to get it done. Hooray! More time to shop!

Exclusively prepared by,
Nik Aisyah Amalien bt Nik Mohd Asri
SMKA Naim Lilbanat..
Class of sirrosdi


          First and foremost,you are advised  to prepare a list of items to buy. You should buy items which are neccesity only. This can prevent you from wasting a lot of money on things that you do not need. You must also keep in mind that buy what you  need not what you want. What I am trying to say is you  have to give priority to the basic neccessities rather than fulfilling our desires.
 Next, as a smart consumer, you should compare the prices between retailers, whole salers and supermarkets. Consumer nowadays do not know how to choose the right item which is worth their money. Compare prices is very crucial because it helps you to cut cost and not burn a hole in your pocket.  Between whole salers and supermarkets, whole salers are much better as you  can bargain the prices.
 Other than that,  you must check the expiry date, weight, ‘halal logo’ and ingredients before you buy something. Let me define to you one by one. Expiry date is the time when the food is not in good condition or spoil. Lots of mini markets do not take note about this. ‘Halal logo’ is very important for you to identify either the food is safe to eat or contrast. Some non-muslims make fake ‘halal logo’ in order to attract people to buy their items. It is highly encourage for you to go through the ingredients of an item to prevent you from buying unhealthy and harmful items. You must take note especially with your kids.
Also, do not get tricked with promotional and discounted items as there are many hidden costs that may pull you to spend unneccessarily. Some consumers are addicted to discounted items. These people cannot afford to buy items  they want  at  oroginal  price. Consequently, they got tricked and waste a lot of money within a  blink of an eye.
 Moreover, you are advised  not to pay with credit card instead pay  with debit card or cash. You can avoid from paying a lot of money at  the end of the month. There are so many cases that consumers  are  unable to pay back the bills. You have to be wise in handling credit card if you choose to use it.
Last but not least, you have to know your right as consumers. Consumers have  the power to complaint their dissatisfaction. For example, you bought a dress and found out that it is torn. You went to the shop and asked for replacement but you receive no respond. If you feel like you have been tricked, you can lodge a complaint with the office of consumer domestic affairs. A piece of cake, right ?
 In a nutshell, there are a lot of tips regarding how to be a smart consumer. You should be more careful when shopping. Do not let your desire take over your sanity. Be smart and you will never cry at the end of the day.
CLASS OF sirrosdi

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How to Be a Smart Consumer and save your money

Being a consumer is a part and parcel of our lives. Therefore, it is of utmost important for us to spend wisely and save money. Most of the consumers nowadays spend too much money on products that are not worth their money. They are prompt buyers and spending unnecessarily. We must educate these consumers to be smart and spend wisely.

You have to focus on item that you want to buy. Buy only the necessary item. Buying too much on things that we do not really need is not a good way to save money. Try making a list of items you plan to buy in advance before going for shopping, so that you will able to buy everything you need and leave out  things that are not neccessary

Thoroughly check the information and compare prices between retailers, wholesalers, and supermarkets. We might never know that those small amounts of money you save can lead to a bigger saving.You should be concern about the discount tags outside are business tactics. If you can get the same items for less, isn't that a much bigger saving?

In addition, you should choose items of competitive prices with good quality. This is very important step especially when you are buying clothes. Do not get fully attracted to huge discount tags but focus on quality of that clothes. Do not get fooled by those discount tags and always check the quality first  rather than going back home and regret on it.

You also have to ensure the expired date and halal logos. That is right! We have to be careful when it comes to such things. For example, dairy products cannot be kept long. Therefore, always check the expiry date regardless of how cheap the items are. We have to make sure that there are halal logos on the items especially foods and drinks. 

Furthermore, you must know your right as a consumer. It is a normal that the sale promoters will tell you that particular product is good, energy saving and what nots. Try asking them few more questions before buying it. Check if it is really a good choice or so. We will get more information and we might even be able to consider product which  is worth for our money.

Are you a good consumer? Now, you know your right as a consumer. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and get you rights. Stop making wrong choices. Be a good consumer and know how to take advantage of it.



You have attended a talk  on consumerism. You find the talk interesting and informative and wish to share with all your friends at your school..Write  an article for your school magazine  entitled: “How to be a smart consumer and save your money”
Include the following points in your article:
*Focus on the items you want to buy/prepare a list of items to buy/Buy only neccessary items/do not spend unneccessarily.
*Thoroughly check the information such as discount offer and price reductions.Compare prices between retailers/wholesalers and supermarkets.
*Buy items of competitive prices with good quality.
*Ensuring the expiry dates/ingredients content and halal logos.
*Know your rights as consumers.
*Use debit card /cash.Never use credit card
When writing the article, you should remember:
*. to include all the points given
*add any other relevant points
*write in paragraphs.
Marks will be awarded with good language, ideas and presentation.


     Lately , there have been a lot of truancy cases involving the students from our school as well as other schools and this is worrying the school administrators as well as  the parents . It is also considered as a disciplinary problem that has been going on  for years.Many students who play truant are seen in cybercafes and shopping complexes . I think we should work hand in hand to overcome this problem .Otherwise, it will tarnish  the school image and reputation .
     There are many reasons why the students are playing truant .One of it is because of peer influence . Students who are  involved  in this truancy problem  are usually colleagues of students who have discipline problems. They would follow their friends playing truant and having fun after being influenced by their friends . Moreover, there is a tendency that the problematic students are also effected by their disinterest in learning . Some students who have low academic performances  at school are usually losing their interest in learning . Also,these students who are playing truant are  also in the same group after they are being scolded or humiliated by their teachers in front of their classmates . Hence their interest to be in classes would be greatly affected.
     What is even worse,the truancy cases are coming from those effected by lack of attention from their parents . Some of their parents have to work all day and night to find money for their family .These parents  do not have sufficient time to spend with their children or getting involved with their academic progresses. This will make their children to  revolt and do anything they like .On the other hand, stress is also another reason on why truancy happened to many students. Some students who are often being bullied in their schools  and the victims will go through a great deal of stresses  until they  are  not able to concentrate in their classes  anymore . The problems at school with classmates and teachers plus those at home will surely carry the unavoidable stresses.This made the students wanting to escape from this unruliness.
     Some of my suggestions are the students have to be monitored by teachers at their school . Discipline teacher has to take responsibility in this case.Also teachers should give warnings to them such as tell them that they will be handed over to the Police if  they are found  playing truant . School administrators also must play a role to send all this problematic students for counselling  with the hope  some of them will realise the effect of mixing with  wrong companies  and hoping to change  for the better.
     On the other hand, the school administrators should hold some interesting school activities . This will attract the students to attend school and stop playing truant . The school administrators  can  also organize awareness campaign for the students at school to prevent the truancy problems occuring  and hold some motivational talks .Lastly , the discipline teacher should meet parents and have dialogue with them about the  problem. 

In conclusion,I hope the truancy problem which is happening in many schools especially from the last classes can be cut down with the involvement of all hands.Let’s make our school as our second home and truancy problem  will surely be under control.

By ,
Aleesha Aurora .
SMK Kubang Krian 1,
Kota Bharu,Kelantan

Sunday, 27 May 2012


SPM Model question:ARTICLE
Write an article entitled, “Truancy and How to overcome them”.Use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the article.
Causes of truancy:
*Disinterest in learning.
*Peer influence
*Lack of parents’ attention.
How to overcome them
*Counselling for problematic students.
*Close cooperation between teachers and parents.
*Motivational talks.
*Warnings and stern punishments.
Marks shall be awarded accordingly on contents, language and presentation.


DIRECTED WRITING: 35 marks -45 minutes
   Nowadays, many tragic accidents happen everywhere and this situation is alarming. Rate of accidents keep on increasing from day to day not just in the cities but also in rural areas. All of these accidents have made many people lost their families and loved ones. It is very pitiful when we get news about accidents which happen everyday from newspapers. This shows that many people suffer when accidents happen to their family or relatives.
   The major cause of accident is speeding of vehicles. Many reckless and inconsiderate drivers like to drive at high speed especially those who are driving heavy vehicles like lorries and express buses. Some of the drivers are very selfish and do not care about others. They just speed up while driving because in a hurry to go work or other places. They do not realize that their action might harm others especially when they overtake cars. If a driver is speeding and overtaking recklessly,it is highly risk that the vehicle may  skid and caused accident.They will ram  other cars from the opposite direction. There are also irresponsible drivers who drive at high speed and hit the red traffic light. There is a strong possibility that they will collide with other vehicles and may caused death.
   Most of accidents also happen  due to the driver’s fault. Some drivers are not in good condition when driving. For example they are sleepy, tired or drunk while driving. Usually, the bus driver or lorry driver are sleepy and tired after driving for a long hours  causing them  to lost focus. Drivers who take alcohol and then got drunk along the journey also fail to drive carefully as they are not in stable condition. This may lead to tragic accidents.
   Apart from that, vehicles which are not serviced for a long time may not be in the best condition to drive. A car which is not serviced may have problems like the brakes and clutches which cannot work efficiently and may cause accident. The bad condition of road such as slippery when raining, muddy or have many potholes also can harm drivers and motorcyclist. It is very pitiful to see motorcyclist fall on the road when there are many potholes on road.
   I think there are many ways that all of us can take to overcome accidents and lower the rate of accidents. Firstly, all drivers and motorcyclist must change their attitudes. They should follow all the traffic rules and speed limit. They should never speeding and accelerate further at  traffic light when the light turns red. They should give signal when they want to turn at the junction so that other drivers know where they are heading. If the drivers follow speed limit and not speeding, their journey and others will be more safe.
   Next,the cars and vehicles must be serviced regularly to maintain their best condition. Failure to service the car may cause many technical problems and can injure the driver. The Works department(JKR) also must do maintenance of roads and repair damage on roads immediately before more drivers become victims. Then, enforcement of traffic rules must be tighten.Officers from Road Ttransport Department and Police Traffic should always patrol and take action on any person who break the traffic rules. Fines should give them lesson so that they would not do the same fault.
   I can conclude that majority of the accident cases begin from the drivers themselves. I think from now on, drivers should be more responsible and careful while driving vehicles. All people must take heed of ways to overcome accidents. I hope the rate of accidents will decrease as it is so sad to see many tears flowing especially losing their loved ones when accidents happen.

Tg. Nur Amirah Tg. Shahrizanny,
Form 4 Cemerlang.
Maktab Rendah Sains MARA-Kuantan.