Friday, 5 October 2012


You had recently participated in a career guidance seminar organised by the State Education Department.The seminar gave you a clear insight of what you need to do as soon as your SPM/STPM results are released.Write a letter to your friend to share your experiences from the seminar.

Use the following points to guide you in the preparation of your letter.
*Date/Place of seminar
*Duration of the seminar
*Number of participants and who they are.
*Speakers at the seminar and what they talked about.
*Interesting people you met.
*Relevant information,brochures,courses,fees,scholarships,study loans that you wish to  highlight to your friend.
*Oppurtunities for studying overseas
*Any disatisfactions and memorable encounters you wish to share.

When writing the letter,you should remember:
a)to lay out the letter correctly.
b)use paragraphs

Your letter will receive up to 15marks for the format and content points and up to 20 marks the quality of your writing. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


                                                                                   Lot 666,Taman Kurnia Jaya,
                                                                                   Jalan Padang Tembak,
                                                                                   15000 Kota Bharu,
                                                                                   Kelantan Darul-Naim.

Dear Fira,

What a pleasant surprise I got when I came across news of your recent mid-year examination results while I was glancing through the Facebook. Wow! You really scored  A's in all the core subjects especially English Language, Bahasa Melayu and History. I am really proud of you. I think it is worthwhile,  burning the midnight oil for the examination as you got flying colours.I guessed by now you have planned to go for a trip with your buddies. I hope you and your family are in pink of health.
            Anyway, I am writing this letter to inform you about my special school trip to Rantau Abang, Terengganu, where you can find the best 'kerepok lekor' in the world. The trip is organised by our Nature Society. We went there on August 10th to 14th, about two weeks ago and boarded a chartered  bus. There were 20 male and 20 female students. Also, three teachers accompanied the trip. All of us assembled at Dataran Kijang at about 8.30 a.m. and departed half an hour later. We finally reached Rantau Abang beach before noon.
            The first thing we did when we reached there was, we checked in at the nearby chalets, Indah Permai Chalets. Our programme started at 5.00 p.m. on the first day. We started with treasure hunt programme at the beach with formation of  four groups of which each group comprising of 10 participants. There were a lot of obstacles  to reach at the last point such as compiling  giant puzzles, and searching for man-made golden eggs.These  golden eggs are specially made and they are easily breakable.Participants who broke the  golden eggs would have to be delayed for 5 minutes and they would be asked to sing their favourite songs plus performing  traditional dance.Surely this event was full of fun. The winners were then awarded with goodies of  hampers and  RM 200 cash . After dinner we slept early and get ready for more interesting and exciting programme the next morning.I could hear the lion snore from one of my roommates who was extremely exhausted and she slept like a dead log with a loud  snore.Oh gosh!!
Then on the next day, we played  telly matches. We were given free hands to choose our own partners.The winner would then awarded with  two sets of breakfast  the next morning. Unfortunately,while  we were so engrossed  with the  the  game, one of the participants  had a serious  injury. It happened  because he was surging through many sharp rocks and incidentally  stepped on a protruding rock that caused his hand’s bone broken. The scene was thrilling as we could see both the bone and the flesh. 
Luckily Sir Amin, our English teacher teacher took  the initiative and took Mazlan,the injured student to the nearby hospital.He had to be  detained  at the hospital for a few hours.Meanwhile our game still  continued. And guess what? I  won the first place!
            Finally, the last day arrived. It was a sad moment because we were going home  the next morning. At  night, we  watched  turtle laying eggs at the beach. It was a memorable occasion for all of us. For the final touch, we helped the local workers collecting the eggs and put them in  the bucket.Then we transferred the whole eggs to the safe area.We want to make sure that these endangered species are protected.We headed home the next morning.
            The trip was not only fun but  we also learned about team building and most importantly, forging  closer relationship with classmates and other  friends. We also have to motivate ourselves so as to convince us that motivation really help us during stress period.Beside,being  independent is another good lesson for us throughout this trip.
 I have to pen off now.Congratulation again and best wishes to  you. I really hope to hear on how you spend your vacation then. Send my regards to your family especially to my gorgeous aunty. Be a good girl and always keep in touch with me.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Your cheerful cousin,
PTD 22.
(Class of sirrosdi)


                                                                                                               2977 Lrg Hj Mat Salleh,
                                                                                                               Kg Bunut Payong,
                                                                                                               15150, Kota Bharu,
                                                                                                               15 June 2012

Dear Amy,
Hi there! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I’m so sorry for the late reply on your letter. Recently, I’ve been busy with my school activities and stuff. Anyway, I want to congrats you on your mid-year exam result a few weeks ago. I heard from my parents that you passed it with flying colours. That is really good to hear! Your parents must be proud of you, right?

            To be honest, the main reason I write this letter is to share with you about my school trip to Pulau Perhentian last week on June 8th. That morning, all of us including 25 students and also 5 teachers gathered at school around 7 o’clock in the morning. The teachers ensure that all of us were there before boarded on the chartered bus. The next thirty minutes, our journey started and we arrived at Kuala Besut Jetty an hour later before headed to Pulau Perhentian by riding a boat.

            After 20 minutes ride, we soon arrived at Pulau Perhentian and checked-in at nearby chalets. I stayed there along with my best friends which consisting 5 people per room. We stayed there for three days and two nights. After some time packing and resting, we were called by our teacher to start our activities. We started our activities with snorkelling. We had so much fun feeding the fishes in the sea. Few hours later, we soon went out from the sea for lunch. We were told to rest after the snorkelling activity.

The next day, after having our breakfast, we continued our activities with scuba diving. Guess what? I had been waiting for this moment like years! It was the most things that I had been waiting for and wanted to do. Anyway, back to our story, my friends and I went to the beach to hear the instructions about the scuba diving. I never did scuba diving ever so the moment I heard the instructions, I could felt my knees started feeling weak and I felt a bit nervous.

            Thank God, I managed to dive in with the first trial but some of my friends were not because of nervousness. I guess I am a brave person, right? All of us were so delighted as we went through the deep blue sea and watch the beautiful creatures beside learning to know about it. The instructor guides us along the journey in the sea and told us what to do. You know what? I wish you were there at the moment! I knew you always wanted to do scuba diving.

            In the blink of eyes, we had been there for three days without realizing it as we were having so much fun there. The last day, we rode a boat and travelled around the island to see the breath-taking scene. We were amazed with that. 30 minutes of ride, we headed back to the chalets and packing our clothes, ready to go back. From the trip, it was not only fun, but we also managed to learn new things and see beautiful creatures and scenes.

            I think I need to pen off now. My mom is calling me to help her so I gotta go or else I will be in a hot soup. I hope to hear more news about you! Don’t forget to call me when you have time. Send my regards to your beloved family and tell them I miss them a lot! That’s all for now. Goodbye!

Your cousin,

Nur Hidayati Jamaluddin
SMK Kota
(class of sirrosdi)


                                                                                                               Syafiq rosman,
                                                                                                              Lot 2149, Blkg SK Kota
                                                                                                              15100, Kota Bharu
                                                                                                              Kelantan Darul Naim
Dear Ahmad, 
 Hello and thanks for your recent letter. I appreciate it and it is a great story about your trip. I wish I could go there too in the future as it is an interesting place to go for holiday. By the way, how are you and your family there? Thank god,over here,we are still healthy as usual and I hope you too. I wrote this letter to tell you about my recent trip also.We had our holiday at Pulau Perhentian,Terengganu. It was such a great experience for us. 
 We had our holiday just for three days but  it was awesome.We were satisfied and thank god I enjoyed it. We started our journey on the second day of the school holiday. We went there by car and it just took about an hour to reach there. When we reached the jetty, the wind blew soothingly as if to welcome us. It was a great moment at the jetty.Then,we took a fast boat to go to the island. Though it was a scary ride, it was fast and the water splashed everywhere.I enjoyed every moment of it. The journey to the island took about 45minutes. At the seashore, the water is crystal clear for us to view the condition of the submarines' lives. There are corals and also varieties of  fish. We loaded our baggage into the chalet and took a quick nap.In the evening, my siblings and I went to the sea and we played beach soccer.Then we swam in the sea until it was almost dark. I found a nemo fish during swimming. It was very nice and I was surprised.At night, my mom cooked for the family and we ate our heart out. We were very happy that day and slept early at night.
  On the second day, my parents and I woke up early and we decided to swim in the sea as the water had risen.It was too cold that I  shivered. At 9 a.m, we had our breakfast and took a rest for a while.Then we went for snorkelling.I could not wait to snorkel as I never had a chance to snorkel in my life before. At 10a.m, the boat arrived and took us snorkelling at  a few places around the island. It was fantastic.I enjoyed every moment of it. I snorkelled and mesmerised the panaromic views  in the sea. I saw many types of fish most of them colourful and with stripes.The corals there were beautiful too. I wished I could take  some of the corals back home but I couldn't as the authorities forbid us to take home.Then we went to Pulau Yu.Over there,I could see some  medium size sharks.We were not allowed to snorkel there as it was too dangerous.We went back to our chalet in the  evening. At night, we had our barbeque at the nearby  restaurant. We ate so much as we had lost a big amount of energy during snorkelling. After that, we went to sleep as there was no pending programme.
  On the last day, we all woke up early and  rushed to the beach for our final swimming activities.We strolled along the beach and watched the blue sea.We saw many panaromic views and snapped them on my newly bought I –pad.We enjoyed the soothing and serenic situation at the beach until we were called by our parents to start packing for home.
  Ahmad, I think that's all for this time. It was a great holiday and I wished for another holiday there and you should go there too. You should try yourself especially snorkelling. You can see many things in the sea and it is such a valuable moment to cherish.Take care and ALLAH  bless you always.
 Syafiq-Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.


  You have just returned from a school trip during the school semester break recently.Write a letter to your cousin telling him/her about the trip.

Use the notes below to write your letter.
*where you went on the trip.
*the date of the school trip.
*how many people went on the trip.
*how you travelled to the place.
*where you stayed.
*how long you stayed.
*accomodation situation
*four activities you did during the trip.
*what you learned during the trip.

When writing your letter,you should remember to include the following:

For your letter,you will receive up to 15 marks for the format and content points and up to 20 marks for the quality of the writng.