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I'm Nur Syafiqah Amira Bt. Anuwa
Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan
PTD 19

Write a story begining with:SHE WAS PREPARED TO FACE THE MUSIC....

She was prepared to face the music. “What do you think you are doing Suzy?” the ballet teacher, Mrs. Serena asked her with horizontal voice but enough to make Suzy felt guilty. She could see through Suzy’s dancing that she was not focused. “You need to focus, Suzy .The big day will be coming soon, and I will make sure that you will get the role.” Suzy nodded. “I am sorry, Mrs. Serena. I shall practice harder.” Mrs. Serena smiled and patted her shoulder, “Alright. You must always remember that practice makes perfect.” Suzy just smiled. “You can go back now, but you must practice, dear,” Mrs. Serena said. “Thank you, Mrs. Serena.” Suzy slowly exited  the room.
Suzy was practicing hard again. She wanted to make her father and her teacher satisfy with her success. “I must get that role. Yes, I MUST!” She was determined to win that main role by winning the contest. Ballet was her soul and life. And it is a real coup to play a role of ‘Little Dancing Girl’. Suzy lay on her bed after she felt exhausted.

  Suddenly, she heard her father’s car entering the garage. She rose up from her bed and rushed down stair. Suzy hugged her father as he entered while holding some books. “Hi Dad, let me help you.” She took the books and put them on the table.
   “Dad, do you have some pills that can help me to getting away from being tired so fast?” Dr. Kim eyed his daughter lovingly and said, “No, dear. I do not have it.” “You should be thankful because tiredness was your only complain. A girl about your age, called Jennifer Beeson, had come to clinic today. I had a painful task to tell her parents that their daughter will be blind in a few years. Her parents do not want to tell her right now.”

   “Oh! How horrible for her! ” Suzy’s eyes were glistened by tears. Her late mother who had
died just a year ago always taught her to empathize towards someone else who pitiful from her. “But, you are an eye’s specialist, Dad. Do you have any ways to save her sight?”  Dr. Kim shook his head sadly. As sensitive as she is, Suzy soon forgot about the girl. She had practiced every moment she had. She was disappointed because her father will not be  able to attend the contest.
Eventually, the big day had arrived. Suzy came early and saw a girl in the dressing room. Being a friendly girl, she approached the girl and introduced herself. “I am Jenny Beeson. You also can call me ‘Queen of the Bee’.”She jokes. Suzy laughed, ‘How adorable she is, but her name just familiar for me.’ “I am nervous because I am the first contestant.” Jenny looked a little bit nervous.  “Do not worry. I know you can do it.” Suzy cheered her up.

 There were six contestants including Suzy and Jennifer that has been chosen to go to the final. They were from different parts of Malaysia. They always cheer for each other, especially Suzy and Jenny. Now, they are close.

   The bell rang and the emcee called Jenny to the stage. Suzy wish her good luck and continued putting her final touches for her make-up. Suzy walked out to see Jenny’s performance. On her way, she saw something glittering on the floor. It was a locket with smiling Jenny’s picture. There was an inscription on the back read, ‘To Our Darling, Jennifer Beeson.’

Just like her heart wanted to pop out, Suzy realized that Jenny Beeson was Jennifer Beeson. How come she forgot about a girl that doomed to be blind in a few years? She felt sorry to Jenny. Then, she continued her intention to watch Jenny’s performance.
 She was impressed by Jenny’s performance. Jenny was awesome and wonderful. Suzy can see from Jenny’s face that she was happy to be a ballerina. Just like her. Including her parents, ballet was her delight. Sometimes, if she felt sad or stress, ballet could release her sadness and stress. She felt her sadness and stress flying away just like a flying bird.
   Suzy also realized that Jenny was her real rival. The other contestants were good, but they are no match for Jenny. They could not compete with Jenny and that means either Jenny or her would win.
   Then, the emcee called Suzy to the stage. She saw her ballet teacher, Mrs. Serena smiling encouragingly at her. The music started and Suzy began to dance. As the dancing was progressed, soon Mrs. Serena’s smile disappeared. She was wondering  why her excellent student was making some minors but perceptible mistakes.
  When the dance ended, Suzy bowed to audients as they were applause her with a big applause, just like when Jenny’s performance ended. She rushed backstage where the ballerinas were waiting. “You are awesome, Suzy!” Jenny said to her. “Thanks. You are awesome too.”Suzy smiled happily.

  Finally, the result was to be announced “It was hard for juries to select the winner. All of contestants were talented. But, I already had the result in my hand.” The emcee announced and smile. The contestant and audiences  were excited.
     “Now, the winner for main dancer is… Jennifer Beeson!” Jenny was declared to be a winner for the role. She was very happy. She walked to the stage proudly. Although Suzy was sad because she did not get the role but it is enough for her to make a heart-breaking sacrifice for her new friend. Mrs. Serena hugged her and smiled. “I am sorry Mrs. Serena, because I had disappointed you.” She said sadly. “It’s okay, dear. I know you had tried your best.”

  “Ladies and gentlemen, I had an announcement to tell. At first, there was  only one role required, that is main dancer for film ‘Little Dancing Girl’, but the juries had decided to select another one who must be the best from the remaining contestants to be a lead dancer. The main dancer is the main character in this film; meanwhile the lead dancer will also lead other dancers in this film. I hope all of you understand.” The emcee said and smiled gently. Everyone was so  excited.

“And the winner for the lead dancer is… Suzy Kim!” Suzy was baffled. The audiences were cheered and gave her a big applause. “You made it! Congratulations, Suzy!” Mrs. Serena hugged her and pushed her towards the stage. Suzy walked to the stage slowly, still feeling unbelievable.

 As she was on the stage, the emcee and the juries congratulated her. Jenny smiled and they hugged each other. “Congratulations, Suzy.” Suzy smiled. “Thanks.”
‘We are going to be the most formidable team ever-no one shall take it from us’.Jenny quipped with a smile while her eyes were all on Suzy…..

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This is from Amiera-MAAHAD PEREMPUAN.

                                      WAY  TO CURB BULLY AND GANGSTERISM CULTURE
                                      BY:AMIERA BT AB WAHAB

The issue on bully and gangsterism is becoming an important and serious issue nowadays. This culture creates a disturbance and causes troubles like cat among the pigeons in most of the school. Bullying and gangsterism must be prevented  immediately before it becomes worse. When it becomes worse it will be hard to stop it from happening. The school administrators must take immediate action and stop the culture from spreading like a wind. The innocent students who becomes the victims may live in fear and they tremble like a leaf. It will effect their process of studying. This issue will causes terrible consequences. If this culture  increases in our country it will effect our country’s image to the  other countries. The main point is how we want to curb bully and gangsterism so,the students  can  live in peace and they don’t have to live in fear. anymore.

In order to curb this problem is we must report to to the school administrators if we see bully and gangsterism happening  in front of  our eyes . We have to take a quick action by telling the disciplinary teachers because they know what they have to do. Most of the students just close their eyes and pretend that they don’t see anything. But as a student we must help someone in need  because if we help people one day, people will help us. Besides,the school administrators must also take action by making a counseling  session for problematic students. Usually a problematic student  come from a broken family and they don’t have enough attentions from their parents. They start making troubles just to get attention. They are also students who came from rich families. They lived like a lord. They thought that they can do whatever they want because no one will prevent them from doing something. It also because their parents are too busy with their works as busy as a bee and they don’t have much time to know about their children’s activities. They comfort their chlidren like  bed of roses.

On top of that,teachers and parents must also have a close cooperation to prevent bully and gangsterism among the students because they are all in the same boat. They have to share their views and think how to curb this activity so,bully and gangsterism can be curb.For example,parents should control their children’s activities so, they won’t spend their much time outside. Parents should know with who their children befriends. But ofcourse they must be a limit where parents can’t also control their children too much.They should give them appropriate time to enjoy themselves. Futhermore,teachers should play their parts by giving some advices to their students so, they will know what is right and what is wrong and they will be more careful in something that they want to do. Moreover,the school administrators can also take an action by organizing a motivational talk to the students. Teachers can call the experts who have experiences on how to handle this problem. So,they can help the teachers and also the students by reducing bully and gangsterism.

On the other hand,more programmes for students during holidays should be organize with beneficial activities such as jungle trekking and beach outing. With these activities,students can foster relationship among themselves so,they can get to know each other well. Beside that, they can spend their leisure time during holidays correctly by doing some interesting and interesting activities with their friends and teachers.Thus they can have some unforgettable and sweet memories. With this lively activities, bully and gangsterism culture can possibily be curb.

 Last but not least,the diciplinary teachers should impose  heavier punishments for repeat offenders such as suspend  the students who are involve in bully and gangsterism activity.This is to make them realize what they do are wrong.and they won’t repeat their mistakes again.

In a nut shell,everyone has their own responsibilities.So it is mandatory  to curb bully and gangsterism culture because the next generations will become the one who are going to raise our country’s image to the world. Bully and gangsterism culture must be prevented no matter at what cost. I hope that this culture will be under control  and do not  spread among our students.


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just a thought...from one of the trainee teachers

I would rather be a teacher than a salesman. Though a salesman makes a lot of  money than I do. I would not change places with him.. For he sells washing machine,fountain pens, chairs and other materials but I sell ideas.

I would rather be a teacher than a stenographer, even though a stenographer may have a mahogany desk in the magnificent office of some great chief of industry. For she helps to write letters, but I help write to careers. She touches keys, but I touch lives.

I would rather be a teacher than an architect, satisfactory as the programme of large construction might be. For an architect helps build offices but I help build character.Offices endure like a tree but character endures throughout eternity.

I would rather be a teacher than an artist, fascinating as that subject  might be in its wealth of beauty, colour and symmetry. For an artist paint's pictures on canvas. but I  make impressions on the the tablets of the soul..

I would rather be a teacher than a bookheeper. For he balances accounts, but I help balance lives.

I would rather be a teacher than a great business executive. For he works with facts and figures and lifeless coins, but I work vitth minds that open, and futures that unfold and principles that grow.

I would rather be a teacher than an accomplished musician For musicians play violin on strings and piano strings  but I play on the heart strings.

I would rather be a teacher than an orator. For an orator  stirs an  adult to applaud and admiration  but I stir little children  to right choosing and noble thinking.

I would rather be a teacher than a decorator. For he deals with perspectives harmony and lines in  buildings and in rooms. But I deal with perspective and harmony and line in temples not made by hands.
I would rather be a teacher than a potter. For he shapes  vessels of clay, but I shape destinies

I would rather be a teacher than an interpreter. For he interprets words and ideas, but I interpret motives and purposes and endeavours.

I would rather be a teacher than an archaeologist. For he unearths buried treasures, but I unearth talent.

1 would rather be a teacher than an explorer. For he explores uncharted seas  but I explore uncharted minds, and discover treasure islands and continents of untold possibilities.

I would rather be a teacher than a statesman. For he deals with finished citizens but I deal with future citizens.

I would rather be a teacher than a scientist For though he studies the wonders of the rocks, and the beauty of the stars, and the miracles of the plants, and the glory of the skies, I deal with that which is still more miraculous in the throbbing human hearts, unfolding human lives, and the formation of lifetime characters..


A very good morning to our beloved Principal,respectable teachers and fellow friends.This morning,I am honoured to be given this great opportunity to speak on a very important and interesting issue entitled, “The Benefits of Reading”

How much time do we actually spend on reading?What do we gain from reading?As we all know that we can enhance our knowledge by reading various sources of books.For instance we can use our free time to read many books on different genres such as fiction,thriller,horror,love story  and humour.So the more we read,the more we know.When we read,we can explore of many valuable knowledge inside the book.Therefore gaining knowledge from reading many books can help us  to see the world from many different  aspects. Regular reading will pave way for new and bombardstic words that may help us in essay writing.These words read from many different genres such as thriller,fiction,horror,love story and comedy may enhance our writing style.The techniques of writing improves and so are the grammars.So as our reading widens,our standard will improve by leaps and bounds

Another exciting point about reading is we feel relax and entertain.We need not be stressful.Just as we need balance diet,we also need balance reading.For instance reading science fiction only limit us to to one kind and it is the same as eating one type of food only.So imagine if we read various articles from varieties of background,this is certainly like eating on a lot of menus.One way or another,we have  nothing to lose but so much to gain.Reading is real entertainment.When we read on humorous article then we will be smiling and laughing all alone.Thus we make up for our cheerful day.Likewise when we read magazines of  our  adored  artists,surely we will feel enjoy and relax.On the other hand,reading portal news on internet or the newspapers from the stand ,keep us on track with the current issues.For instance we are aware of political havoc in countries such as Myanmmar,Palestine,Syria and many others.  As for the inventions and innovations,reading an up-to-date  Samsung magazine will provide us on the latest new technology of  mobile phones produced in the market.    

It is without doubt that reading heightens our creativity very good example is some local producers produce the movie or drama based on some popular books and novels.A good example is a book written by  the famous writer ,J.H.Howling which was later made into a mega movie, “Harry Porter”.Thus it enhances our creativity when we read the novel and then watch them.It has been proven that reading motivates ideas and give us total inspiration.A famous book entitled,“The power of positive thinking” written by Norman Vincent Pearle inspires the readers to build and have self confident whenever they  are faced with whatever trials and tribulations.The positive thinking will divert them to the right path.Indonesian novelist,Sheikh Habibur Rahman in his book entitled, “Tasbih Cinta” had inspired and motivated many of his readers with its good contents and  moral values.Thus a good book really provide the tonic to avid readers.

Conclusively the benefits of readings are useful and informative.You are practically charting your successful ladder with this good habit.So continue reading.With this I bid to say thank you for lending your ears on this very interesting issue.      

ain -smk wakaf bharu


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                           How to  prevent bullying and gangsterism culture in your school.
Bullying and gangsterism culture is one of the major problems faced by school nowadays. Bullying and gangsterism among students has become a menace due to its violent nature. Gangsterism involves bullying and even physical assault. The victims are mainly fellow students and there have been a few cases where the act of bullying and gangsterism had been fatal. Why do they involve in this culture? Lack of parental guidance and love, influence of peers, subtle messages of the mass media and feeling of boredom with life and its pressure all play a part in creating an environment that gives rise to bullying and gangsterism culture. So, all of us should cooperate and work hand in hand to curb and prevent this culture from keep spreading in our country.

     First and foremost, as a friend and a student, you must take a responsibility to report as quick as lightning to the school administrator if your friends were being bullied or your own friends involved in gangsterism and bullying. At the same time, do not forget to do the same action if yourself being bullied. You can report to the principal, your school counselors or your teachers. Do not be afraid to report it because you are doing a right action. But you have to remember not to take any action by yourself. This will put you in a dangerous condition. Besides, the school authority must make sure that the school counselor play their crucial role in giving counselling to the problematic students. The students are usually from a broken families where their parents had divorced and they are lack of parental love. Some students who involve in bullying and gangsterism come from a family which has financial problem. They do not want to being bullied so they decide to involve in bullying another students. Both parents who hold full-time jobs, tend to leave their children in the care of babysitters and foreign maids. In this situation, the children will just do as they please. Therefore, they are also exposed to the bullying and gangsterism cases.

     Another important tip to prevent bullying and gangsterism is to have a very close relationship and great cooperation between the teachers and parents. Parents should always ask their children's teachers to know about their behaviour and attitudes in school. This is because some students may have different behaviour when they are at home and school. They are not brave enough to show their real attitudes at home because they are afraid that their parents would punish them. Actually the act of bullying and gangsterism is one form of rebellion. By asking the teachers, parents will know their
children's behaviour, so they can take an earlier action to prevent their children from being involved in bullying and gangsterism. Apart from that, school can also organise motivational talks regularly. From the talk, they will know the effect when they involve in bullying and gangsterism. They will also know how to avoid themselves from being bullied. A good talk will affect their values, behaviour, thought patterns and  xpectations. School can also play a vital role by inviting the experts to make sure that the talks given will give a good affection to the students.
 Parents can also send their children to any religious classes  during weekend.The best one is when parents can spend time attending the class together with their children and not only sending them.
Moreover, organising more programmes for student during holiday is one good methods to curb the bullying and gangsterism culture. There are so many programmes that can be held that give benefits and advantages to the students. For example, they can enjoy their leisure time with their friends by participating in jungle trekking and beach outing that are organised by their school. So, these activities will help the students to foster closer relationship among themselves. This enables the students to instill  good manners when dealing with their friends which will help them to avoid from being involved with a group of friends who give bad influence to them. This is because another critical factor which make the students involve in bullying and gangsterism is the influence of friends or known as peer pressure.

Last but not least, heavy punishment should be imposed on those who repeat the same offenders. In that case, students will not repeat the same crime because they feel ashamed by their own action. The schools has the authority and right to call the parents to school to inform them about their children. Senior students who bully their juniors have to be taken action by giving them a heavy punishment such as suspended them from school. By doing this, the other students will obey the school laws and they will feel afraid to go against the school laws.

     To sum up, eliminating the bullying and gangsterism culture among the students completely is impossible, so it is important to keep it in a minimum level. Teachers,parents and all the community members have to take the responsibility to ensure that this culture in our beloved country is not going to be increased and arised. I am sure, the student's hope is to live in a safer environment,peaceful surrounding and harmonious condition in the school. So the gangsterism and bullying culture should be reduced to minimum or perhaps zero level.

                                      How to curb bully and gangsterisme culture
                                      By:Siti Sufiah bte Abdul Razak.(SMKA FALAHIAH)

  The issue on bully and gangsterism culture are frightening and effecting students badly especially when they are the victims. Bullies are not usually from the largest kid in the class. They may also come from popular kids that always think that they are the best. Bullies might also acted out so that they will gain an acceptance from the popular group that they wanted to join. Students become bullies for many reasons. They wanted to impress their peers. They were once bullied themselves and now feel big in bullying others. Some even do it as retaliation of being punished in school.

  Bully and gangsterism can be curb if every party cooperate with each other. Students who get information about bully cases in their school must report immediately to the school administrator. The school administrators must take an immediate action and stop the culture from spreading otherwise students may lose interest of going to school. Sometimes, students who are bullying other students are facing family problems. They come from broken homes and lack of parental love. The parents are too busy and did not put much attention to their children. That is why, counselling really needed for problematic students. Apart from that, we need a close cooperation between teachers and parents. Parents must not leave everything to the teachers about their children. It calls for concerted effort, beginning right at the pinnacle down to the staff base, students and parents. Everyone has a role to play because of the dynamics situations. Adult needs to know about what happen to their children. They should teach their children how  to defend themselves. The teachers or the counsellor should organize a motivational talk or maybe call the experts in need to motivate the students.
Teachers can also handle more programes for students during holidays such as jungle treckking or beach outing. This is useful for the students can foster relationship among themselves. With these, the bullies will know that everyone has their own role. There is  no one that is not important. But, the most effective ways are giving heavy punishments for repeat offenders.
In the course of growing up from a child to an adolescent teenager to an adult, some forms of physical horse play and innocent emotional teasing are inevitable. The ‘so-called-bullies’ should know their limits when to stop “fooling around” and should be less sensitive and accept such “name calling” as “part and parcel” of growing up.The culture of  bullies and gangsterism are not the acceptable cultures in school and it has to put to a definite stop.


Dinamis:Kota Bharu
Name: Siti Sufiah bt Abdul Razak

                                               Aedes And Dengue
                                              By: Siti Sufiah bte Abdul Razak

 As we all know, aedes is a type of mosquitoe that brings  the deadliest disease ever . Dengue fever is an infectious disease caused by aedes’s bites.From ages until today, there was no finding of  remedial  medicine to treat dengue fever.So the public is  expected  to do remedial measures and take precautionary  steps.The doctors in particular have to work extra time as the rate of dengue victims are increasing day by day and at a very fast rate.Even the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms are not enough to cater for dengue victims.That shows the seriousness of dengue fever at the moment in Kota Bharu main hospital,The Raja Perempuan  Zainab 2.

    We can actually know about mosquitoes behavior as it is very easy but deadly. Aedes is  very different from other mosquitoes because it is one special breed. Aedes can be identified from the white and black stripes on it legs. It is quite colourful than other mosquitoes. Do you know why our parents always remind us to come home before dawn? One of the reason is,aedes bites during morning and dust hours. As parents, they do not want us to get infected by dengue.

Aedes breeds only in clear and stagnant water. Such a choosy insect for a mosquito, don’t you think so? Aedes breeds in stagnant water inside  and outside the house. So, don’t feel too relief if you have  already clean the house compound. Death might be waiting inside. Life cycle of aedes from egg , laevae, pupa until adults mosquito stage lasts only one week but, their eggs can last 3 to 6 months without water.
The symptoms of having dengue can be known by a sudden and continuous high fever. A normal fever usually last for 3 to 4 days only. Another visible symptom is the appearance of red sports on the skin. Severe ache in joints, bones, muscles, eyes and head are also signs of dengue. A sudden loss of appetite, vomiting and stomach ache is also  signs of dengue.Other instances like having haemorrhage of mouth, nose and body.If you have these symptoms of dengue fever, quickly seek treatment from doctor. Do not hold it until tomorrow, I repeat, do not hold it until tomorrow.
Yes, dengue is one of the deadliest disease but there are some ways we can control and prevent it from happening. There are two types of situation. The first situation is about eliminating aedes mosquito breeding grounds. We must close all containers with water to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. We also have to change water and clean all vases, bathings tank and drains like once a week. Because, mosquitoes can lay eggs even is a small amount of water. We also need to clean all rain gutters to prevent water stagnancy.  Apart from that, we need to ensure all materials which collect water such as old tyres, glass or empty cans are properly disposed off to eliminate aedes breedings grounds. It is better if we can do the burring to all vessels and materials which can collect water. We also should use larvae killing insecticide such as ABATE according to the given instructions for example, 10 gm for every 20 gallons of water.
The second situation is eliminating adult mosquitoes. It is a little bit hard in doing these, because adult mosquitoes can fly away. We should use sprays insecticide like aerosol. We can also fix mosquito net to the windows. The fogging part will be undertaken by local authorities. They will spray the fog along 200 metres far. It is because mosquitoes can fly only 200 metres with their small wings.

  For the conclusion, prevention is better than cure. The steps written are there to save and protect you and help you to protect the people you love. Everyone must play their part indeed to prevent dengue from spreading and kill many  innocent people.