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Directed Writing: ARTICLE 

The current dry spell has put the country on alert.There is a possibility of water rationing to be imposed in effected areas.

You are the journalist of a leading newspaper and is assigned to write on a article entitled: “Possible Water-crisis-Start conserving water now”.
Use the following points to assist you in the preparation of the article:

*Public awareness on the value of water.
*Start conserving water on showers/usage of toilets/brushing of teeth/ full load washing with washing machine/cars washing/garden maintainence.
*Use paper plates at home and avoid eating outside.
*Recycle water wherever possible and fixing leaks immediately.

You may add any other points to make your article interesting.
When writing your article,you should:
*give a title
*the writer’s name
*elaborate on the points
*write in paragraphs.



Your school has recently launched a “Health Week” in conjunction with the national theme ,Keeping yourself fit and healthy.
Write an article  emphasizing  on ‘Staying fit and Healthy’ and use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the article.

*Getting enough sleep and rest.

*Taking in a balanced diet

*conducting  regular exercise

*regular medical check

*Stay away from things that may harm you

Your article must have a title and a writer.
Write in paragraphs.




Indiscipline in many schools has been on the rise and the problem has caused a great concern to the government.
Write an article entitled: Indiscipline ion schoolsUse the following points to assist you in your preparation of the article;
A)Causes of indiscipline
*Broken family
*Peers influence                              

B)Effects of indiscipline

C)Suggestions to overcome
*Teachers to be given power to cane student
*Public caning
*Suspension then expulsion if repeated the offences

Your answers must be in paragraph.Use the correct form of article format.
Marks to be given on language,clarity and presentation.



Write a story ending with '' I was not the same after the incident''            

During the last school holidays,my very close friend Abu and I went to the Cyber Cafe to play some internet games and to watch videos from youtube.  After playing for quite a while, my friend asked me to see one of the videos, he said that it was a good one. Without wasting any time I rushed to his computer to watch the video.It was about, Do it-Yourself kit on “how to make home-made explosion from black powder”.  After watching the whole video Abu and I had the same idea in our mind to try out this exciting Do-It Yourself Kit.Then  we decided to make our own explosive black powder so that we could blow-up everything in our neighbourhood.
The next day, we started to purchase the ingredients that we had listed from the  video.We had all the ingredients ready except for one which is KNO3 or otherwise known as potassium nitrate.  We went to all shops in town to find this deadly KNO3, fortunately we managed to find it in a gardening shop located two miles away from Abu’s home.At about noon, after we had all of the ingredients, we began to build our own laboratory.I remembered my mum reminded me to take care of the backyard and everything must be clean and tidy.Abu and I quietly planned the “invention” without dirtying the compound.We brought two refrigerator’s boxes in the junkyard.  We  also brought some boxes which contained the ingredients to the backyard.Later we combined the two boxes to make a spacious laboratory perfect for our magnificient experiment.After punching some holes to  ‘the lab’ for ventilation, we brought in the materials needed to make the black powder.
The mixture of composition began and we started to mix all of the materials together according to their ratios such as 15 parts of sulphur, 30 parts of charcoal and 55 parts of potassium nitrate.  After mixing all of the materials together, we were left with a chuncky powder.  If the black powder is not fine enough, it will only burns slowly and it would not create an explosion.So,we put the powder into the blender and grinded them to make a fine powder.  After that, we filled the black powder in a small barrel.Abu asked me to get old newspapers from my house to wrap the barrel, so I quickly ran to get it.

Suddenly,I heard a big explosion. It was too fast The explosion was so large that it shattered all of the windows in my house.Many houses that were one mile in radius were badly damaged from the blast. A few moments later, I was up on my feet,I felt a little dizzy, at the same time my eyes were blury and my ears were deaf. I then quickly ran outside through the back door to check on Abu.  As I just stepped out of the door, I was shocked to see that our box laboratory was disintegrated due to the massive explosion.I tried to find him but with my blurry vision it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then I called out for him, after a few shouts I heard a faint coughing.  I rushed to find the source of the coughing, as I was crawling on the ground.Finally, I found him under the debris of the boxes.  He was covered with blood and both of his arms were gone.I held him on my lap and said, “It’s going to be alright,you just hold on’’.  I yielded for help a few time as tears were flowing through my eyes. As he was dying, I tried to talk to him but my words just stuck at my throat.  I just hold him tightly hoping that he would hang on until help arrived.Soon,the paramedics arrived.They put Abu  and me on a  separate stretcher and took both of us. At that time I barely remember what  had happened.I had passed out.          
 The next day when I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital  bed.  The doctor said that I would be fine. I tried to ask the doctor about Abu but the doctor just ignored me and told me to rest. Later, I then found out that Abu didn’t make it.He died due to massive lost of blood and a severe head injury Abu died because of our blatant mistake.        

 I had made a decision that had killed my best friend.I knew that I would never escape from the guilt of killing my own friend.  I had made a full recovery from the incident but the trauma remained.Now, when I heard a “bang” I could recall the incident liked it happened yesterday.  For what its worth, Abu was a really good friend.I was never the same after that horrible incident.

Complements to Teacher Ainul Mardhiah of SMK Tumpat.


Write a story ending with:"...... That was the worst day in my life.I shall never forget it."

I have a brother. He is my only brother in this world. he is my hero, my ultraman, my spiderman, you name it. Yes, he is my one and only brother in my fairy tale. He is an unpredictable,awesome,handsome,responsible and hilarious person in my life. Yes, he is Farizal Marlias.
He might not be stylish or handsome as the models adorning Aaroon Aziz advertisements. But for me he is above them all. I would not trade him even that anyone would offer me a wealth beyond of my imagination. That is how much I love him.because he is the person that could me happy. If anyone could make me smile when I'm crying,he could. When I'm insanely mad and throwing tantrums and nobody dared to tell me to be more matured or thinking rationally he would. When I'm bawling my heart out and no one could lend me a shoulder to me to cry on. He will.I love my brother. A philosophy said that LOVE is NOTHING, a typical Malay said that LOVE is BLIND. but for me LOVE is Farizal Marlias.
My parents was involved in a car accident when I turned thirteen. On that day,I got the worst news, from my teachers.I was at school. My brother took me home. My school is far away from the  house.I stayed at the  hostel.Since that fatal accident, I moved and stayed  with my beloved brother. This year, I shall face a big examination in my life. I'm SPM candidate. Becoming  a form 5 students makes me half dead. It's lot of homework to do,so many name them.Honestly  I'm not a hardworking student. Yes. I admit it. seriously, I am not.
One day of my life, I had made my brother’s blood boiling all over me. I made his day with a bad news. The most severe news. I guess!  He was so furious. He looked at my report card.Nothing in this world can save me and my fingers were trembling.I knew that I deserved whatever punishment. I looked at his furious face.He was gripping his teeth  me. I  hope there will be a miracle here to save me from this stressing moments.
 "Look you only get 29 marks for your Chemistry?". Seriously I can not put my eyes on his face right now. oh my gosh, I don't want face it right now. Then, suddenly his voice sounded again and again. “Why can’t you score like what you had in your addmaths”?Why my dear?"The anger scared  every nerve in my ears.He stood up and came towards me. Right now, no words can describe what I feel. My heart is beating very fast. Dap dup dap...  Then, one slap came onto my faces."Pangggggggggg..." "That is what you should get for your bad result".
Seriously, every nerves in my face was groaning in a pain.My eyes tried not to let the tears slipped out.I dashed to my bedroom. Dumn.Dumn and dumn. I opened my door and I get in. Then, locked the door.I was crying like a baby.It was totally hard for me to accept a 17years old girl being slapped by an elder brother for failing in just one subject.My dad and mum never did this to me. Seriously, he is the first person in my life that really had the guts to put his palm on my face.
I vowed to show him that I can score better than 29 marks.I left a note on his table telling him that I wanted to shift school and stay in the hostel.
Months went by,so SPM shall be tomorrow.I didnt waste much time anymore except flipping through my notes.Guess what?I had a visitor.My eldest brother dropped by with my sister in-law.I thanked my brother for that painful and “nice” slap which he put on my face few months ago.I am a better person now.I told him that time has changed ,so am I.Then I confidently hugged him and told him that my results would be nothing less than 10A’s.He was sad in tears but he realised without that nice slap,I wouldn’t have changed.
Soon the results was announced.I became the top student in my schoolThis lesson I have gone through taught me so many things.I  shall never forget it...



Write a story beginning with: His mother smiled when she heard the news…

His mother smiled when she heard the news. Daniel too, was grinning, showing his good white teeth while holding up a piece of parchment. This was the moment he was waiting for. “Finally, after nearly half a decade, you’re employed,” said his mother. Her smile had not yet vanished. “And I’ll be the best despatch ever,” exclaimed Daniel, as he scurried up the stairs. “And a great despatch needs a nice night’s sleep,” he continued as he nearly tripped over one of the steps.
His mother just shook her head watching her only son in action. Daniel was not a bright person, but he sure was very nice and that employment was a feat indeed. Meanwhile, as he crouched upon his cosy single bed, Daniel secretly imagined himself coolly, riding his good old scooter, going here and there, delivering mails to companies, big and small. He had an exciting feeling as he waited for the next fabulous day.
Light was flooding into Daniel’s room as he woke up. He stretched a little as the birds chirped and sang their melodies. Then, with a gush of thought, he remembered it all. This was his first day in office and he must make this the most perfect day in his life. Then, he wondered, “Why did I hear no alarm?” It was then that he was frightened to death. It was five minutes to nine and he was so late. Cursing underneath his breath, he grabbed his shirts and working attire, not bothered to even take a little shower. Within a few minutes, he grabbed his helmet and rushed downstairs. Mother had gone to the town, as usual. “Typical mom! Why didn’t she wake me up first?” he muttered slowly. Then, he grabbed a nice piece of sandwich and went outside.
“Thinking positive yields positive results,” The words from the all-famous motivator, sirrosdi came to him as he rushed to his good blue scooter. He told himself to relax and stay calm as he got on the scooter. But another tweak came as he went to start the engine. The scooter made a rumbling noise. He tried to start the engine again but that noise came again. Then, he remembered something. He went to the back of his scooter and checked the oil tank. “Oh goodness, silly me! Why did I forget to fill up the tank?” cried Daniel as he banged himself in the head. A glance at his wrist-watch told him that it was 9.12 a.m. and that he was super-late. Well, Daniel had two choices; either pushing his scooter to the nearest petrol station, which was a couple of miles away or running to the nearest bus-stand and catch the 9.20 bus.
He chose the latter and within a second, he was already speeding his way to the bus-stand, leaving his old blue scooter lying down in the corner. He kept glancing at his watch and constantly missed to say hello to a few villagers he passed by. He did not have the time to care. Then, he came right to the bus-stand and fortunately, he had not yet seen the bus. He sat down, panting to catch his breath and spent a few minutes being satisfied. But that was not after a young man came to tell him that the bus was unusually early that day and of course, he had missed the bus. Surely, truths were hard to swallow and Daniel was forced to take the second option; taking his scooter to the petrol station. Daniel was totally devastated. He could never imagine how this could happen in his first day of working.

The Superjaya Office had always been quiet and cosy, though the silence was sometimes broken by the ringing of the telephones and facsimiles. That day however the usual silence was unusually crushed by the exclamation of late Daniel, “SORRY I’M LATE!” Everyone stared at him as he burst into the main door, all-sweaty and dirty. It was already 10.30 and a short, chubby man came, looking very furious and told Daniel to enter his office. Naturally, Daniel knew that he had to face the babblings from the fuming boss, what with his lateness and dirty office attire, and on his first day too. After a half an hour inside the crammed office, Daniel went out, frowning but with a new spirit. “I must fix this situation. This will still be the best day ever,” he repeated to himself.
Then, he went to his desk, where there was a huge pile of mails, waiting to be delivered. Daniel grabbed a half of them and set to his scooter. He was spirited high in the air at the sound of his scooter engine, which roared like the lion in the movie ‘Narnia’ he watched a few weeks ago. Then, he went off to his destinations.
His problems and sufferings had not ceased. On the way, he was caught in a massive traffic jam, which cost him hours but he went on and on. It was half past one and he had not finished his works. So, he planned to skip his lunch and went to continue with his works. Well, his first day of working surely was dreadful. Precisely at 3 in the evening, he went back to his office, grabbed the other half of his mails and continued. It was already dark as he delivered the last mail. It was hectic and Daniel looked pale, paler than ever. “Ah, that was the last one!” He muttered as he sped off into the night, eager to be home.
Even so, there were still problems wanting to hurt poor Daniel. There was a sudden road block on the way towards his home but Daniel was confident, over-confident in fact, that he was all perfect. His turn came and he realized suddenly that he left his helmet at home. But the police caught him first and he was forced to pay the due, but not before a long, tedious interrogation.
Daniel was totally running out of stamina as he staggered towards the front door of his house. The fatigue on the other hand, was running high. It was nearly midnight and as he entered his home, his mother was waiting at the dining table with dinner. Daniel rushed towards his bedroom, clearly unwilling to stop for a chat. Apparently, his mother had understood and left him unbothered. Daniel on the other hand, was quite glad. He jumped to his bed, eager for a nice sleep, but not before setting up the alarm clock. This time, he was determined to get himself awake as early as possible. As he went to the brink of his dreams, he secretly wished that that day would be the worst day ever in his history of life



Sir,I would like to share this story in your blog: 

 I stand beside my room’s window. The rain is falling like cats and dogs from the dark and gloomy sky followed with the echo  sound of a  rainstorm. The weather as reported was not going to be good. At that time i could not  stop myself from thinking someone who used to be an important person in my life. Tears of sadness kept filling my eyes and not showing  any sign to stop. Her face kept on  appearing in my mind.

         Jessica is someone whom i cared so much. She is truly my  bestfriend. Eventhough we only knew each other during the  middle school but it seemed  like we have known over a longer  time. Everyone in my school called us  twin sisters because we were always together and have  never been apart. Even though we came from a different level but we never bothered about it. Jessica always told me that she would  study hard so that she could support her family. She has to take all her family’s responsibilities because she is the first child in her family. I really envy her because she has never shown any despair about her family’s difficulty. I hope that that i can be just like her whom I  have always known as a strong girl.  She always said, “we must  never give up in our lives and we must  always move forward.” Jessica and me have the  same ambition. We wanted to be a doctor when we grow up so we can help people in difficulty and distress..

         A few months ago everything had changed. Jessica started to change. She  avoided  me from meeting and talking  and whenever she saw me,her face would showed  a sign of depression. At first, i was kind of dumbfounded with her attitude.I kept questioning myself, ‘what’s wrong with her? Does she has a problem or  have I done something wrong to her?’ I didn’t  give much thought  because i thought that she would be having a family  problem.So i just let her be. But it happened for almost a week and we still didn’t communicate among each other. When i asked her she just kept her mouth shut without any answers.I was feeling outrageous. My heart was full with anger.We stopped contacting each other.

         After that, i started to hang out with a bunch of troublesome kids in my school. We played truant and broke school’s rules and regulations and since then it became my bad habits. My parent advised me not to make friend with them but I ignored them.During weekdays, we decided to hang out at the shopping mall near my house. On our way, i met Jessica and both of us were stunned. When she saw me, she quickly ran towards me and without hesitation she slapped on  my right cheek. Obviously, i was very angry.I tried to do the same towards her but when i saw her teary eyes I decided to hold  my hand.We have a big quarrel at the roadside.So she told me to stop hanging out with a bunch of troublesome kids. But i just answered her not to lay her finger in my life anymore. All her advises just fell on my deaf ears.. I left her in  disgust  crossing the road like nothing happened.

Suddenly there was a red car  driven at high speed and moving towards me. It didn’t show any sign of  slowing down. I couldn’t move my legs because it happened too fast and i felt my legs were stucked.I could  hear Jessica’s voice screaming  my name at the top of her voice. When i saw that car approached me, my legs kept shaking and my forehead was full of  sweat. I could not do anything at that time and i just closed my eyes tightly and waited for a death to pick me up. My mind could not stop thinking about my mistakes with my parents  and also towards  Jessica. At that moment i felt like my back had been pushed from behind and my body was moved to the front. When i turned my head,i  saw Jessica was flying in the air and her body was thrown up about  5  metres from the car. Without hesitation, i ran towards her and i held her right hand.I can saw  fresh blood  flowing profusely from her forehead and mouth. Her face still showed a pale smile and my ears can heard her words, “you are my bestfriend forever!”. That was the last time i heard  her voice and i knew  that she had left me forever.

           During Jessica’s funeral, her parents gave me a letter that was written by Jessica. Everything was revealed at that time. Jessica actually had a leukaemia stage 3 and the doctor who treated her already told that she would  never have any chance of recovering. Jessica knew that she would  die so she concealed about her illness. She also stayed herself away from me so, i would  not feel sadness from losing her. I cursed myself for my stupidity  because i left her when she needed me. I was  just a selfish person who didn’t know how to understand a friend’s feeling but it was too late to regret. Tears of sadness flowed down my cheeks. Now i realised the value of a true friend.