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Living in this hustle and bustle city  has taken a toll on me.I suffered a lot. I could afford only a room to rent  possibly  around the corner to a  well-known office so that I could save up more  money.There is nothing better rather going to work on foot. As the maxim says,saving a little money can make it grow so I was determined to look for the smaller room at an affordable price.Initially I was  dumbfounded and felt hopeless to search for a place to stay as I wasn’t confident to look  for a  room which match my specifications. .As I walked through the humongous bulidings,something caught my eyes.I saw an advertisement " Seeking for a house mate.The room is fully furnished with luxurious and well-built stuffs.Interested ? Please call Amy at 09-76891000",I was so relieved.So without a tinge of doubt,I call ed  the owner, "Please Best Man, let me own that room", I pray to the Lord.My heart was palpitating wildly and I could feel the drumbeat.At last I was over the moon.

Since then,I could feel that enthusiasm was taking over me.My new house mate greeted me with a warm hug.I bet she was sweet and a  kind little girl.Time flies and we could hit it off even we just knew for a few weeks as she got the same interest as mine.We mostly spent our time by lounging on the comfortable yet large sofa and  engrossed at my Macbook to catch up with the new episodes of our favourite shows, Keeping up with the Kardashians.As times went on, I started to make my self at home and began to show my true colour.I was born with silver spoon in my mouth and being pampered by both of my parents.For sure,I wasnt asked to do the house chores.even once.

Since then, I always put the dirty cups and dishes scattered all over from the living room right up to the kitchen.Not to mention those unwashed cups and plates in the sink Amy was a clean freak girl and obviously   she is  mad.But still,I  just shrugged and apologized without turning over to a new leaf.She dashed into her room and locked herself up for a few hours.Only then a few hours later I was able to lure her back with the latest episode of our favourite shows.

The things began to be complicated and escalated.The problems were never addressed specifically .So my gut feelings told me that it could not be solve.But,I still clinched to my bad habits which ofcourse threw her wild.Pizza boxes lay open, bunch of papers  were scattered all over and not mentioning the usual things in the sink.Amy was outraged again and again and began to pack up all her things and went over to  her mother's home..I thought it was the best time for me to throw a party without having her at home.

As I was doing the decorations for the party,I walked passed her room and suddenly a pungent smell darted  out from it.I have been wondering what it was and where it came from.She always kept her room locked and it was no way to get in so I decided to use the spare keys.Her room looked clean but the smell was getting worst as I was approaching her bed.My eyes popped out as i found a dead body under her bed.Who would ever thought that a clean freak could be a killer? No wonder,the previous room mate left her things even the toiletries.'She is a killer' I did wonder that she got any sense of humanity? How could she do it.

As soon as I reached my phone to make a call,a strong push came from behind.It was Amy and he hold a big hammer and began to beat me up blow by blow.I was screaming for help and my voice began to disappear.I could feel her hatred with her no-mercy face.Tears began to roll down on my cheecks and I was imploring her to stop torturing me.Everything faded into black.

As i opened my eyes,i was in the large white room.Yes, it was a hospital.I could not make a move and i knew i was paralyzed.Yet, i was blessed that i still alive.I was saved by my caring neighbour that make a emergency call after he heard a fuss from the apartment.Amy was taken to the prison but at last she was diagnosed with a mental problem.She stayed at the common mental hospital.
It was my greatest fear of being untidy.I would never imagine that my life would turn up like this.



Describe why the main characters are inseparable.Find as many evidences from the text to support your answer.

From the novel,catch us if you can written by catherine macphail,the two main characters,Rory and Granda are definitely inseperable from the begining of the story until the fine ending when the Macintosh family gathered and live happily

There are many clear evidences to support and show that both characters are inseperable.The begining of the story started  when an eleven years old ,responsible and cheerful boy reciprocated his great love and passion towards his Granda. He ran home from school to feed granda 's medication,bought hot pies for his lunch  and refuse to be in the school football team.All these traits are evidences of Rory 's love and passion towards his granda .Truly he did not  want to be separated from Granda

The next evidence is Rory avoid meeting Mrs folley  as often as possible as he knew of her interest to adopt him .Rory  did not like the idea at all as he wanted to be with his granda. The 'great escape' or the climax of this novel is a very strong evidence that both Rory and Granda cannot be separated. Rory plan precisionly to take granda out of Rachanadar as he could not see granda crying and suffering  in great pain.
The incidence at the caravan park tells us how much Rory loves Granda . Rory refused to run by himself and leaving Granda after they were blocked by the authority.

The incidence at Perth Station is another great example of the love and passion of a caring grandpa towards his grandson.Granda hit the lemonade boy until he became unconscious.The fact that the boy threaten to take Rory to the authority in exchange of a reward has upsetted Granda.Granda was determined to take further risk after he hotwired a blue corsa and ran away from the authority.
The next evidence at the stone bus shelter reflected how much Rory's love towards Granda. He was looking high and low for somebody to save his granda who was not breathing and motionless . It was fortunate when Mr william and his wife Alice saved the situation .

Finally the historic meeting at Jeff's apartment is another revealing fact that both are inseparable.Jeff offered Rory to stay with him. Nevertheless Rory had expressed his disinterest and told his father ,he preffered to stay with his granda .

Thus,the above evidences mentioned above confirmed that Rory and Granda are inseparable.



 I just could not stop the tears running down from  my eyes. I could not concentrate  my study. It was just difficult for me to focus on History subject.I saw around that all the faces of my friends were gloomy.So much has happened in just 24 hours. All of us were shocked with the news.
 I recalled when Yusuf was sitting beside me struggling with the English and Mathematics exam. After finished, Yusuf looked so relieved.We went to our usual places hanging out with the gang. He ordered his favourite drink, teh tarik. I noticed that he looked stranged and his behavior was different from before. I asked him, "Why you looked so pale  and little bit under the weather?"He brushed it aside and giving the excuse  as an exam fever.

After having tea-time, we went to Sogo for shopping. We were separated with the other friends. Yusuf asked me to follow him and we entered the sports shop. I was just wondering and started to ask  myself. It is because he never interested with the sport. When we entered, Yusuf dragged my hand to the football section. He chose one of the balls from the shelf and paid for it. I just followed him and observed what he did.

Suddenly, he took a marker pen out from his bag and signed on the football. After that, he gave to me and asked me to keep it carefully.I just wondering and asked him again, "Why you looked so weird today?" . Yusuf smiled and said, "Nothing, but if you missed me, just hug the ball". I was laughing and considered  it as a joke. Late evening, we went home and separated  our ways. Yusuf waved and smiled sweetly to me.

Later that night while I was watching television, I received a call from Yusuf 's mother, Aunty Fatimah. Her voice were chocked. She told me that Yusuf has  been admitted to hospital because of an accident. Then, she paused for a minute and said in a tearful voice, "Yusuf had left us.He  was rammed by a lorry.I was shocked,dumbfounded and speechless.
I called my friends and informed them about what happened to Yusuf. All of them were shocked and did not think that was last time they saw Yusuf. Without tinge of doubt ,we went to the hospital together. When we reached there, we saw Aunty Fatimah looked very sad. I tried to calm  her  and  gave her some spirit that we had to accept the fate.

 The next day, my friends and I helped Aunty Fatimah in the funeral.Then,i went home. I did not know that it was the last time I would see him alive and I now I know that the gift he had given to me was the last present for our friendship. His joke that night were still lingering in my mind.
I shall never forget this day for the rest of my life.

 Nik Raheel Attayyib,Maahad Pengajian Islam (MPI).


                                          Possible Water-crisis-Start conserving now
                                         By: Anis Muhaimi bt Mohmad Rahim.

If the water crisis prolonged over the next four to six weeks then our country would be facing a severe drought season.It is a clear sign for the public to consider using all avenues conserving the water.It is even made worse with the recent announcement of metereological department that not a single drop of rain would be coming in the next four to six weeks.This is the forecasted weather issued by the department concerned which is alarming.Thus the situation has warranted our attention.In view of the seriousness of this acute problem,the public is reminded to carry out following measures.

Water is our important resource and every care and concern must be adapted by the public that it is not a time to exibit any wastage.We must therefore value every drop of water especially with the current dry spell.Use the water sparingly and save at every corners.When you take your shower,it is advisable to cut your time inside the rest-room as the longer you are inside,the more water you may use.You probably save that amount and use that for brushing your  teeth.   Remember to keep the tap close when you brush your teeth and open it when you have finished brushing.Likewise it is advisable to do your washing only when the washing machine load is full.Otherwise you may delay washing as it is not practical to continue washing with few  apparels only.Skip washing your cars during this dry spell.There would certainly be no comment about your clean and tidy car when everybody is suffering from water-cuts.The garden maintainence too can be done only with small water containers not using water-hose and this too can be done on alternate days.Wherever possible use recycle water such as using last part of your washing cycle from the washing machine.

The aspect of health too must be accounted during this dry spell which means no eating outside as you can imagine how would the kitchen at the restaurant be on this current dry spell.Use cup and paper plates at home and you may save plenty of water from washing the actual plates.

Wherever possible,it is advisable to use recycle water for example the last part of the water from the washing machine can be used to wash the bathroom or  to fill in the flush container.Try to save water by not flushing too often because too much of water is used for flushing.If there are any leaks,repair them immediately as the longer you delay on fixing them,the more wastage it would be.

Conclusively,we must take all efforts in conserving water at all times.The government too is putting all efforts such as implementing the modern technology of cloud seeding to bring the artificial rain to improve the situation.We too must play our part in conservation of water-remember if we do not adhere to the measures mentioned above,then we would be facing a serious water crisis.    



                            Accidents: Causes and Possible Prevention
                                      By: Siti Sufiah Bte Abdul Razak

  These days, accidents happen almost every day in our country. We can read about these tragic accidents in the local dailies. This issue has caused great concern to our government. It is heart breaking to see our loved ones dies to due to the driver’s carelessness and inconsiderate to attititudes. Past records have shown that most drivers are young and unexperienced. Mostly like to speed on the roads and highways. The motorcyclist too are young and inconsiderate are also adding to the fatal figures. Are we letting that figures to swell day by day? Let us have a closer look at the causes of the accident.

  As told in paragraph one, speeding is the main problem for an accident to happen. Yes, people in modern life has become busier and they will use a high speed in reaching their destination. Some people will speed even faster when seeing the orange traffic light that will cause them to beat the red one. This reckless attitude happen because it is not their family who is the victim. People these days can hardly think about ‘prevention is better than cure’ until it happens.

  Accidents also happen during eid celebration. At that period of time, families will travel for a long way in reaching their hometown. Some people might forgot to check their vehicles if it is in a failure to service or not due to the excitement of going back hometown. It is really dangerous when the brakes, clutches and signal lights are not working. Next, indeed to reach their destination even faster, drivers dared themselves to use the unsatisfactory roads and the highways with potholes. Because, it might be a short-cut for their journey.

  Every disease got a way to cure and in this case, there are some possible preventions to decrease the amount of these painful accidents. Firstly, drivers must change their attitudes. They need to get a life with a sense of integrity. They must not think it is always about them. Secondly, drivers should do regular service for their vehicles. They have to change important parts such as breaks and signal because they were created to avoid accidents.

  The government also have to take part in this accident’s prevention. They must maintain the road condition like new. They have to repair the damages roads so that it will be easier to drive. Government should also repair and prepare a proper signboards to alert motorists. We also should do a regular enforcement by authorities such as road transport and police road block. As the one who got power in laws, they can raise the eligibility of driving license from present 18 years old to 21 years old. This is because to avoid the unexperienced drivers to be on the road.

  Conclusively , as the citizens of the public, it is advisable for us to take precautionary measures to ensure cases of accidents to be reduced. Of course the task seems impossible but we hope the government and the citizens will work together to make Malaysia’s dream of decreasing accidents a dream come true.



                                      TRUANCY PROBLEM AND HOW TO OVERCOME IT
                                       BY:AISYAH AURORA 
  Lately , there have been a lot of truancy cases involving the students from our school as well as other schools and this is worrying the school administrators as well as  the parents . It is also considered as a disciplinary problem that has been going on  for years.Many students who play truant are seen in cybercafes and shopping complexes . I think we should work hand in hand to overcome this problem .Otherwise, it will tarnish  the school image and reputation .
 There are many reasons why the students are playing truant .One of it is because of peer influence . Students who are  involved  in this truancy problem  are usually colleagues of students who have discipline problems. They would follow their friends playing truant and having fun after being influenced by their friends . Moreover, there is a tendency that the problematic students are also effected by their disinterest in learning . Some students who have low academic performances  at school are usually losing their interest in learning . Also,these students who are playing truant are  also in the same group after they are being scolded or humiliated by their teachers in front of their classmates . Hence their interest to be in classes would be greatly affected.

 What is even worse,the truancy cases are coming from those effected by lack of attention from their parents . Some of their parents have to work all day and night to find money for their family .These parents  do not have sufficient time to spend with their children or getting involved with their academic progresses. This will make their children to  revolt and do anything they like .On the other hand, stress is also another reason on why truancy happened to many students. Some students who are often being bullied in their schools  and the victims will go through a great deal of stresses  until they  are  not able to concentrate in their classes  anymore . The problems at school with classmates and teachers plus those at home will surely carry the unavoidable stresses.This made the students wanting to escape from this unruliness.

 Some of my suggestions are the students have to be monitored by teachers at their school . Discipline teacher has to take responsibility in this case.Also teachers should give warnings to them such as tell them that they will be handed over to the Police if  they are found  playing truant . School administrators also must play a role to send all this problematic students for counselling  with the hope  some of them will realise the effect of mixing with  wrong companies  and hoping to change  for the better.

On the other hand, the school administrators should hold some interesting school activities . This will attract the students to attend school and stop playing truant . The school administrators  can  also organize awareness campaign for the students at school to prevent the truancy problems occuring  and hold some motivational talks .Lastly , the discipline teacher should meet parents and have dialogue with them about the  problem.

In conclusion,I hope the truancy problem which is happening in many schools especially from the last classes can be cut down with the involvement of all hands.Let’s make our school as our second home and truancy problem  will surely be under control.

Aleesha Aurora .
SMK Kubang Krian 1,
Kota Bharu,Kelantan


                                                     Keeping yourself fit and healthy
                                                     By : Amal Azwa Che Azuha

A healthy body produces a healthy mind. So keeping ourself healthy must be the top priority in our check list. An adage ‘Health is  wealth’ is applicable not only for the older groups but also to the younger generations.As the saying  goes,  ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is a clear example for those who are health- conscious. There are more to gain when we are healthy compared to when we are sick. Therefore to keep ourself fit and healthy, I am suggesting for the following tips.
It is undeniable that getting enough rest like getting enough sleep every night is a good health. Thus, sleep is an essential for good health. Sleep is one of the most essential things a human body needs in order to function effectively. Even a short nap can benefit a tired body and give a weary mind a few minutes of rest. A good night’s sleep removes tiredness, stress, tensions and worries. Identifying and correcting poor slepping habits can help older adults to improve their well-being and quality of life.
In addition, we must take in balance diet. For example, determine the food before we eat. We should  plan our time to eat so that  we will eat less. A lot of people ban certain foods from their diet such as chocolate and ice-cream. Doing so will only make them crave for more,therefore  do not ban them but enjoy a small portion from time to time. A food diary will  enable us to identify which food or drinks that we need to cut down on and whether we are getting a balanced diet with enough food and vegetable.
Furthermore, regular exercise can prevent obesity. When we exercise, our bodies will burn up all the extra calories which would otherwise be converted into fat and  then lead to unwanted bulges. Being overweight  carry us  with it a number of other health problems.Hence  exercising  not only keeps us trim, but it also keeps away weight-related problems. However we spend most of our time in claustrophobic classrooms and homes. As a student with loads of homework, assignments and exams, exercise seems to be a monotonous chore. Nonetheless, healthy experts prescribe exercise as a prerequisite for a long, healthy life, as saying goes, ‘a life free from diseases and ailments.
     Besides that, we should go to a clinic or hospital for regular medical check up. We also can check blood circulation, level of cholesterol, heart ache  and others. If our blood circulation is  in good condition, the capacity of blood to carry oxygen is increased. At the same time, payment of a clinic is cheap especially  the 1 Malaysia Clinic. The clinic  is really helpful for people who are not wealthy and the equipment of the clinic are satisfactory.
Moreover, stay away from things that  may harm us. For example, illegal racing, drugs, smoking and others. The killer thing that is  very dangerous is drug  because drug can kill everybody irregardless  of colour and religion. So stay away from drug  as drug  is addictive. Becareful about whom we mix with. Pursue a hobby, participate in sports and other co-curricular activities. Taking drug  will not solve our problems but it will only increase them and make us a social misfit. We will end up being a burden to our own family, friend and society.
In a nutshell, life is precious moment from God. It is the duty of every individual to value the moment. Keeping fit is therefore our responsibility Shirking from our responsibility indicates either we are  ignorance or indifference. We have to get our prioties right before we become victims of our own careless habits.