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There was a gibbous moon in the sky which fit up a few wispy clouds_ It was 2.30 a.m. when the party ended. After bidding farewell to my friend, I took my motorbike and headed straight for home.
The deserted road was dark and gloomy. Surprisingly, the roads were badly lit. The feeling or loneliness crept all over me as I travelled uneventfully along the endless long stretch of road. It was at times like this when I wished that I could have someone by my side to accompany me.It was a few minutes later when I noticed a young girl, who was about my age, standing by the roadside and waving me down. It took me a moment or two to react. Should I stop? Without much consideration I stomped on the brake pedal and the vehicle came to an abrupt halt.The young girl, needless to say, was pretty. She has a  petite figure, an oval-shaped face, a pair of sparkling eyes and lustrous hair. When she spoke, her voice had the same sort of purity as the water from the mountain spring. And she wanted a lift to her house. Later, I was still trekking along the stretch of road, but not alone.

On the way, she complained that she was feeling rather cold. Without hesitation, I took off my stylish jacket and gave it to her.She accepted it appreciatively and wrapped it around  her body with ease. Then, we trekked onwards. I took her straight home. When she got off at her address, she thanked me,

“Come to my house when you're free”, she whispered softly and pointed at the bungalow with imposing white gates. May I know your name?" I asked gallantly.`Gweyn," she replied with a smile.I arrived home at about 3.00 in the morning. It was then when I recalled that I had left my jacket with Gweyn. I was feeling rather worn out and decided to retrieve it when dawn breaks. As fatique.claimed over me, I slumped lazily into the  welcoming arms of the soft sofa and fell into a dreamless  slumber.It was a chilly morning when I woke up  which the pale sun to my left seemed to be doing little to alleviate. Orange  daylight was oozing in through the open windows. I decided to pay the girl a visit right away. I arrived at her house at about 8:00 in the morning. I pressed the doorbell and waited patiently.
 Time seemed to drag by slowly. Then an elderly woman appeared and looked at me enquiringly. I explained to her about be incident last night.Somehow, she questioned its truth and refused to believe every word that came out from my mouth.”I am perfectly sure that mydaughters were with me last night." she murmured. "All of them." Her tone was very sarcastic.Now what? How should I convince her? I did not know what to do. My limbs seemed to be frozen and when I opened my mouth to speak, there was no voice to be heard_

She detected my difficulties and continued to speak. "You do look sincere, young man, but are you sure?"

"Yes!" I said the word with utter finality.She nodded briefly and motioned me to follow her into the house. Once inside she gestured me to be seated. Then, she went upstairs. 1 took a few glances around my surroundings  The interior of the house was indeed well designed. Then, I spotted a picture which was hanging on the opposite  wall. It was Gweyn!Moments later, the woman came down with her daughters. She demanded me to indicate the girl that I mentioned. There were three of them, but none of them was the girl I was looking for."Where is Gweyn?" I enquired."Who?" She looked baffled."Gweyn, the girl in that picture," I explained and pointed directly at the picture hanging on the wall.

Her daughters giggled softly and looked sarcastically at me. Then, the elderly woman took a few paces across the room, towards that picture and gave a sigh of resignation."Young man, the girl in that picture is indeed Gwep.""Then where is she?" I continued to probe."But, she is no longer with us," she said gravely, and .pronounce each word clearly as if speaking to a five-year-old child stared at her expressionlessly and said, 'That's not funny." Little did I realise that sweat was pouring down her forehead."I didn't say that it was funny, young man," she  retorted. "Come with me," she snapped and left by the back door. Unceremoniously, I followed her.I was brought to a cemetery which was located a few hundred yards away from her house.When we arrived at her daughter's grave,I saw my jacket hanging over the tombstone.

I was speechless and dumbfounded…….




It was almost two o'clock in the morning.Mek Jah  was pateintly waiting for her husband.Deep in her heart,she wondered why Jali was still out there.”Where did he go?” Mak Jah murmured.Could he be at the famous Muay Thai restaurant at Rantau Panjang near the Thai border?The place he usually went to for his supper or could he be at his sister’s place at Tanah Merah,a place he never missed when he travelled over that side.But he promised to come back before midnight.Mek Jah and Jali were just married a year ago.So Mek Jah felt very uneasy being left alone,whatmore it was already after midnight.Afterall she has a six month old daughter, Melati to take care of,their first child.Mek Jah was very worried for her husband had never come back so late. She could not sleep either. Each second was like a thousand years. She gazed her little baby girl who was sleeping in a cot.A pleasant smile rose on her face seeing Melati sleeping soundly without any interference.

Unfortunately,there was a power failure that night.The heavy downpour over the last three hours made it impossible for the electricity to stay on.Mek  Jah immediately lighted a candlestick.It  shone brightly in the room. She then glimpsed at the clock on the wall. Suddenly she heard  a loud crash which pierced the  silence of the night. Her heart missed a beat. It did not sound too good. She looked out through a window and with the help of the moonlight,she spotted Jali’s car.The car had  collided with a tanker.Mek Jah was so nervous and horrified.What would happen to her hubby then?She was completely restless.

Text Box:  Her heart started to pound and without further consideration, she rushed out from her house and running downstairs  towards the car.While she was rushing clumsily towards the staircase,she accidentally knocked the table and the candle fell down. In her haste, she did not notice or feel anything.

She is now at the scene.She could hear her husband’s voice groaning in pain.She could figure out the pain was excruciating.He was trapped in the wrecked  car. His head and face were-bleeding profusely. She called out her husband's name repeatedly but soon Jali was unconscious. By then, the villagers had converged at the scene. The situation  was chaotic. The tanker driver and the villagers gave a helping hand to extricate her husband from the wreckage. But they failed to do.that. Her husband exhaled his last gasp of breath  in the car. She cried sadly and tears flowed  down her cheeks  uncontrollably.

At that same moment, someone cried out, "Fire! Fire!” Her house was fire:She turned her head and saw that the fire had spread toff the bedroom. She remembered her baby "My baby,Melati was in the house! My baby!" She shouted nervously and ran towards her house. She was forbidden by some villagers from barging into the burning house.-The fire spread rapidly and the house was engulfed in flames in a matter of minutes.The villagers formed a bucket put out the raging fire but then,their  efforts were like a drop in the ocean. She cried, screamed and struggled to free herself from the hand of the villagers. She wanted to get into the house to save her baby. She was screaming hysterically.She became weary,upset and terrified.All she could  do was gazing at the fire.She was extremely sad that she had lost her husband, her child, her house and infact she had lost everything in just few hours. It was an agony,unbearable and horrifying night for her.

This is the worst moment in her life and she thought to herself that nobody else had experienced this terrifying moment like what she had gone through…..



Story beginning:I did not realize that I am now already a free man and…

I did not realize that I am now already  a free man after years of torment in prison.Never in my mind did l think that -this day would come. When I first stopped  outside the prison gate, I was afraid to face the society that l have been cast from. I summoned all my courage and started to walk away from the penitentiary. I turned my head to see the prison for the last time. It had been a nightmare for me in there. It was an unforgettable experience.

It happened 15 years ago. I was 26 years old then. I had just finished my degree in medicine. I searched for jobs everywhere. Fortunately, I found a job as a surgeon in a private hospital. It was a lucrative job. My career was starting to take off. As a young and handsome doctor, my life was surrounded by women. I never had a long term relationship with anyone of them.One day I was assigned to treat a patient. It was a female  patient. Her name was Trisa. Her legs were broken, She was very, beautiful, a heavenly creature like an angel. She seemed very familiar, but I still could not rernember where I had seen her before. After the operation, I visited her to ask some questions.It was a coincidence that we had studied at the same school. Since that day I always visited her until she was discharged.

We started to going out together. Since I started seeing her, my life had changed. She filled my life with joy. She was the  'love of my life. One day, while we were having dinner, she vomitted and fainted. I admitted her to the hospital. She said to me that she suffered from food poisoning. A few weeks after that, the same thing happened. This time it was at her house.I started feeling anxious.

Then one day, I found bottles of drugs in her cabinet. The drugs were for cancer patients. I asked her and finally she revealed her secret. She had a brain cancer. There was a tumour in her head. It could  not be removed. The,following month she was admitted to the hospital where I worked.By that time, her condition had deteriorated. She was only given morphine to lessen her pain. Only time will tell when she would .leave me. I visited her every day. I spent almost all of my time with her. She was a very strong person. She was ready to face her fate.

Then one day, she was in intense  pain. The doctor could not do anything but give her more morphine. She asked me for an impossible favour_ She wanted me to end her life. She just could not endure the suffering any more. I did not want her to suffer too. But I really love her. I did not know what to do. I agreed to help her leave this world. It was the hardest thing I had to do in my life.With a heavy heart, I raised her morphine dosage. Tears were running down my.cheeks as I saw her eyes slowly close. Then a nurse came into the room and saw what I did. She quickly screamed.There were few medical staffs who came by and arrested me. The doctor came in but she was gone. I watched her lifeless body lying on. the bed.. She seemed as if she was smiling at me. I felt sad but.l was glad that her suffering had ended. That day some part of me died with her.I told the jury the truth.

I was found guilty of involuntary  manslaughter. I was sentenced fo life imprisonment. However, there were still some people who were fighting for my freedom. Time passed by and I had served 15 years in prison. Then one day a guard told me that I was free-to leave the prison.'There were many reporters who wanted to interview me. They wanted my story. It was funny somehow that at first I  was  treated like a criminal that was hated by the society but now I am a hero praised by the society. I remembered what Trisha told me.She said that 'Life is like a box of chocolate. You'll never know what you're going -to  g e t."It looks sweet but you get your  life bitter simply because you want to be nicer to people…. Only the Almighty knows whats in me on next episode.....

Haryati Illyani,
SMK Kubang Bemban.

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I am very impressed with this story continuation from one of my students in Pasir Mas during the Intensive English Class where he had beautifully wrote a story complete with conflict,climate,theme,flashback and ending.To all my students..please read through and give your assesment of this story.
*This student is from IMTIAZ TRENGGANU.

 STORY BEGINNING…Last  night I  was with my family at the night market.All of a sudden…..  
Last night, I was with my family at the night market. All of a sudden, I saw a figure who I recognized was lying motionless  by the roadside. I was dumbfounded and speechless. Crowds had gathered and I  nervously went nearer. I stood rooted to the ground and tears started to roll down my eyes. Without tinge of doubt, I was so sure, it was him. “How could this be?” I was baffled. Then, I saw his mouth was muttering some words that I could faintly hear. “Help me! I am suffering –this pain is too excruciating”. These words came from his bluish and  pale mouth. Yes! It was him. It was Muhaimin. He was my  classmate for three years when I was studying in Al-Quran Institute of Terengganu. “How could this mishap happen  to you?”I wondered who did this to him.Then  fountain of tears profusely rolled down my cheeks.

 “Please, Muhaimin, I could not bear to see  this excruciating pain hurting you real bad”He did not answer  for a while.Suddenly  he acted strangely  like a person who had given up his life,he murmured and told me,  “Go away from me,the death would be easier for me than suffering this prolonged pain” He exclaimed  hopelessly. I could not believe these discouraging  words would be coming  out from a person of his aura and personality. He really has given up hope but it is not for  him to decide.I told him whatever the consequences,he must  fight for his precious life.He must build up his confidence and inner strength.There are still  plenty of things that he has got to go through and giving up his life now is not the right thing to do.

 I remembered when we were studying in Al-Quran Institute of Terengganu, he was among the top students in the academic. He also had a good attitude. All of his  teachers loved him because of his politeness and intelligent. Muhaimin, I knew him as a student that loves  to struggle in memorizing Al-Quran. As the result, he proceeded to finish his Al-Quran memorization  when he was only  in Form Three, infact it was two weeks much  earlier than me. To sum up, in the SPM results, both of us had achieved straight A's. After that, we went  separate ways.He chose Ummul Quran  University in Makkah  while I  pursued  a degree in Islamic University of Madinah. Although we were separated  over  a distance of over 500 kilometres,yet this mishap  had  given us  the opportunity to meet after  almost 7 years. Now, I am delighted to see him  after such a long  separation but again  meeting him  at  this tragic moment  where he is struggling  for his life would be an agony for me.Worst still,he is bearing  the excruciating now!
Without tinge of doubt, I called the emergency lines and within minutes, the ambulance arrived.  The situation now is a bit chaotic  with many people crowding the area. I was on the ambulance holding Muhaimin’s hand and whispered to him to read the syahadah.I saw the wound at his forehead and it made my blood frozen. Tears started to roll down my cheeks again. The ambulance zoomed past  the main road towards the hospital. “Be patient, Muhaimin. Everything will be okay.” I consoled him. Every second was precious for him to stay alive. My heart broke into pieces when I  saw him in this  such  painful and suffering  condition. He was unconscious because of a serious bleeding.We soon  arrived at the hospital  and I saw Muhaimin’s parents.They thanked me for umpteen times because of my quick  decision.Initially they were outstation when Muhaimin was involved in  this  hit and run accident.Soon the  Paramedic team  admitted him  to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Muhaimin  is now in coma. The doctor told us that an operation must be held quickly because he was in  dire need of blood. Muhaimin’s parents could not care less. They were willing  to sacrifice lots of money just to see their only son  saved  and they are prepared to pay whatever cost tagged by any hospital visitors on the blood that they need to pay.They were lucky as there were some genuine and kind blood donors who willingly donated the blood to Muhaimin.

The doctors quickly conducted the  operation and it would take them over 5 hours to assess the outcome of the operation.Moreover, the doctor mentioned to Muhaimin’s parents on the risk of the operation.It would be a 50-50 chances. If the operation is successful, he might probably be suffering   a  prolonged paralysis.

I was still hoping that some miracles would happen. I could not imagine if he would die, after a 7 years long of separation.His mother could not stop crying when seeing her only son through the peeping glass. The touching scene reduced me to tears too. His father asked me to adjourn at the canteen.Then, we went to surau to perform prayers. We prayed for the miracle to happen.Time trickled and finally the doctors were out of the operation centre. To our astonishment, hours after the operation,he reacted positively though very feeble and slow. The leading doctor then dropped the bombshell to us.Muhaimin’s parents and me screamed in tears and said these words, “Thank you ALLAH,you had  given us the miracle that we wanted so badly” We almost could not believe this happy news. His father hugged me. We went in the ward to see his condition. He was too weak but we could see his tears coming out from his eyes.Then,the doctor told us, he needed about 3 months, at least, to recover completely.

  Months flew by, and Muhaimin had fully recovered. One fine day, Muhaimin came to my house. He gave me a letter, it was the invitation to attend his convocation day. He asked me to represent his parents because they would be in Mecca performing the Umrah on that historical day.I told Muhaimin,  “Fortunately, my convocation day would be held the day before yours,so no problem buddy as long as you accompany me and my parents on my day too”.He gave his sweet smile and was his eyes were glittering with hope.

 Thank to the Almighty that our friendship still blooming.I never expected that  we would meet after a 7 years break-now we would finally be friends forever.Who knows he can be my in-laws too  when he sipped a cup of tea made by my only sister,Leha who has just finished her SPM examination last month.I saw Muhaimin’eyes were looking for Leha too!  


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Living in this hustle and bustle city  has taken a toll on me.I suffered a lot. I could afford only a room to rent  possibly  around the corner to a  well-known office so that I could save up more  money.There is nothing better rather going to work on foot. As the maxim says,saving a little money can make it grow so I was determined to look for the smaller room at an affordable price.Initially I was  dumbfounded and felt hopeless to search for a place to stay as I wasn’t confident to look  for a  room which match my specifications. .As I walked through the humongous bulidings,something caught my eyes.I saw an advertisement " Seeking for a house mate.The room is fully furnished with luxurious and well-built stuffs.Interested ? Please call Amy at 09-76891000",I was so relieved.So without a tinge of doubt,I call ed  the owner, "Please Best Man, let me own that room", I pray to the Lord.My heart was palpitating wildly and I could feel the drumbeat.At last I was over the moon.

Since then,I could feel that enthusiasm was taking over me.My new house mate greeted me with a warm hug.I bet she was sweet and a  kind little girl.Time flies and we could hit it off even we just knew for a few weeks as she got the same interest as mine.We mostly spent our time by lounging on the comfortable yet large sofa and  engrossed at my Macbook to catch up with the new episodes of our favourite shows, Keeping up with the Kardashians.As times went on, I started to make my self at home and began to show my true colour.I was born with silver spoon in my mouth and being pampered by both of my parents.For sure,I wasnt asked to do the house chores.even once.

Since then, I always put the dirty cups and dishes scattered all over from the living room right up to the kitchen.Not to mention those unwashed cups and plates in the sink Amy was a clean freak girl and obviously   she is  mad.But still,I  just shrugged and apologized without turning over to a new leaf.She dashed into her room and locked herself up for a few hours.Only then a few hours later I was able to lure her back with the latest episode of our favourite shows.

The things began to be complicated and escalated.The problems were never addressed specifically .So my gut feelings told me that it could not be solve.But,I still clinched to my bad habits which ofcourse threw her wild.Pizza boxes lay open, bunch of papers  were scattered all over and not mentioning the usual things in the sink.Amy was outraged again and again and began to pack up all her things and went over to  her mother's home..I thought it was the best time for me to throw a party without having her at home.

As I was doing the decorations for the party,I walked passed her room and suddenly a pungent smell darted  out from it.I have been wondering what it was and where it came from.She always kept her room locked and it was no way to get in so I decided to use the spare keys.Her room looked clean but the smell was getting worst as I was approaching her bed.My eyes popped out as i found a dead body under her bed.Who would ever thought that a clean freak could be a killer? No wonder,the previous room mate left her things even the toiletries.'She is a killer' I did wonder that she got any sense of humanity? How could she do it.

As soon as I reached my phone to make a call,a strong push came from behind.It was Amy and he hold a big hammer and began to beat me up blow by blow.I was screaming for help and my voice began to disappear.I could feel her hatred with her no-mercy face.Tears began to roll down on my cheecks and I was imploring her to stop torturing me.Everything faded into black.

As i opened my eyes,i was in the large white room.Yes, it was a hospital.I could not make a move and i knew i was paralyzed.Yet, i was blessed that i still alive.I was saved by my caring neighbour that make a emergency call after he heard a fuss from the apartment.Amy was taken to the prison but at last she was diagnosed with a mental problem.She stayed at the common mental hospital.
It was my greatest fear of being untidy.I would never imagine that my life would turn up like this.



Describe why the main characters are inseparable.Find as many evidences from the text to support your answer.

From the novel,catch us if you can written by catherine macphail,the two main characters,Rory and Granda are definitely inseperable from the begining of the story until the fine ending when the Macintosh family gathered and live happily

There are many clear evidences to support and show that both characters are inseperable.The begining of the story started  when an eleven years old ,responsible and cheerful boy reciprocated his great love and passion towards his Granda. He ran home from school to feed granda 's medication,bought hot pies for his lunch  and refuse to be in the school football team.All these traits are evidences of Rory 's love and passion towards his granda .Truly he did not  want to be separated from Granda

The next evidence is Rory avoid meeting Mrs folley  as often as possible as he knew of her interest to adopt him .Rory  did not like the idea at all as he wanted to be with his granda. The 'great escape' or the climax of this novel is a very strong evidence that both Rory and Granda cannot be separated. Rory plan precisionly to take granda out of Rachanadar as he could not see granda crying and suffering  in great pain.
The incidence at the caravan park tells us how much Rory loves Granda . Rory refused to run by himself and leaving Granda after they were blocked by the authority.

The incidence at Perth Station is another great example of the love and passion of a caring grandpa towards his grandson.Granda hit the lemonade boy until he became unconscious.The fact that the boy threaten to take Rory to the authority in exchange of a reward has upsetted Granda.Granda was determined to take further risk after he hotwired a blue corsa and ran away from the authority.
The next evidence at the stone bus shelter reflected how much Rory's love towards Granda. He was looking high and low for somebody to save his granda who was not breathing and motionless . It was fortunate when Mr william and his wife Alice saved the situation .

Finally the historic meeting at Jeff's apartment is another revealing fact that both are inseparable.Jeff offered Rory to stay with him. Nevertheless Rory had expressed his disinterest and told his father ,he preffered to stay with his granda .

Thus,the above evidences mentioned above confirmed that Rory and Granda are inseparable.



 I just could not stop the tears running down from  my eyes. I could not concentrate  my study. It was just difficult for me to focus on History subject.I saw around that all the faces of my friends were gloomy.So much has happened in just 24 hours. All of us were shocked with the news.
 I recalled when Yusuf was sitting beside me struggling with the English and Mathematics exam. After finished, Yusuf looked so relieved.We went to our usual places hanging out with the gang. He ordered his favourite drink, teh tarik. I noticed that he looked stranged and his behavior was different from before. I asked him, "Why you looked so pale  and little bit under the weather?"He brushed it aside and giving the excuse  as an exam fever.

After having tea-time, we went to Sogo for shopping. We were separated with the other friends. Yusuf asked me to follow him and we entered the sports shop. I was just wondering and started to ask  myself. It is because he never interested with the sport. When we entered, Yusuf dragged my hand to the football section. He chose one of the balls from the shelf and paid for it. I just followed him and observed what he did.

Suddenly, he took a marker pen out from his bag and signed on the football. After that, he gave to me and asked me to keep it carefully.I just wondering and asked him again, "Why you looked so weird today?" . Yusuf smiled and said, "Nothing, but if you missed me, just hug the ball". I was laughing and considered  it as a joke. Late evening, we went home and separated  our ways. Yusuf waved and smiled sweetly to me.

Later that night while I was watching television, I received a call from Yusuf 's mother, Aunty Fatimah. Her voice were chocked. She told me that Yusuf has  been admitted to hospital because of an accident. Then, she paused for a minute and said in a tearful voice, "Yusuf had left us.He  was rammed by a lorry.I was shocked,dumbfounded and speechless.
I called my friends and informed them about what happened to Yusuf. All of them were shocked and did not think that was last time they saw Yusuf. Without tinge of doubt ,we went to the hospital together. When we reached there, we saw Aunty Fatimah looked very sad. I tried to calm  her  and  gave her some spirit that we had to accept the fate.

 The next day, my friends and I helped Aunty Fatimah in the funeral.Then,i went home. I did not know that it was the last time I would see him alive and I now I know that the gift he had given to me was the last present for our friendship. His joke that night were still lingering in my mind.
I shall never forget this day for the rest of my life.

 Nik Raheel Attayyib,Maahad Pengajian Islam (MPI).